“Delicious” Curry Fish Head

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Delicious Curry Fish Head

I posted an entry mentioning a very nice Curry Fish Head stall in Kepong some months ago. Last weekend when I went to Cyberjaya to attend Siang Leng’s convocation, I had the opportunity to enjoy this delicious curry fish head again. This time, I managed to take some pictures of it!

Happy City Food Court

“Delicious” 有余 Curry Fish Head operates in a huge food court in Kepong called “Happy City” 快�?城. It is managed by 2 people, a man and a lady. I am not sure of their relationship, but I assume the lady is from China because she has “the slang” when speaking in Mandarin.

Happy City Food Court

So far, every time I go to “Happy City”, the place is full. It has about 20-30 stalls and features a big projector screen showing Astro dramas. Parking is easily available and free just in front of the food court.

Boiling Curry Fish Head

The smallest portion cost RM9 exclusive of rice. Although it looks little, it is enough for 2-3 people, costing only RM3-5 per person for a syok meal. Their Curry Fish Head is always cooked upon order, so you can be sured of its freshness. Look at the gravy which was boiling hot when delivered to our table.

Curry Fish Head

The Curry Fish Head sold here uses pretty much the usual ingredients: Fish meat, taufu pok, ladies fingers and long beans. What I like the most is the really rich and thick gravy. The gravy was so nice that I can finish the plate of rice with it LOL. Definitely a must try!

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