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Delicious Ramen @ Menya Kamikaze, 1 Mont Kiara


1 Mont Kiara is a small shopping mall but here you will find a couple of interesting independent restaurants. When we stumbled on Menya Kamikaze we thought it was just another ramen joint. Furthermore it was empty which immediately signalled a warning. Luckily our instincts got the better of us and as a result, we were rewarded with one of the best ramen we have had in KL since Marutama.


At Menya Kamikaze, ramen is not only served in soup. You could also try Tsukemen-style ramen, which is basically a soup-less ramen. How it works is that cold ramen is to be dipped into a bowl of hot dipping soup for a warm instead of hot meal. In Japan, the idea of Tsukemen-style ramen was conceived when people felt the weather was too hot to enjoy ramen during summer. Considering it’s practically always summer in KL, this could work here.


That being said, we decided to stick with the soup ramen which is available in the basic pork, miso pork, Tokyo soy sauce, special miso paste, and spicy pork flavor. Some flavors has a predefined amount of toppings at different prices such as ajitama (basic), kamikaze (1 additional slice of roasted pork) and chashu (3 slices of roasted pork but no egg) For non-ramen eaters, other dishes offered include gohan like Japanese fried rice, curry rice, rice with teriyaki pork and a variety of traditional fried dishes.
Seeing that the chashu version does not come with my favorite marinated egg I opted for the Kamikaze Pork Soup Ramen @ RM25. One sip of the milky white soup was enough to know that it is truly something special. One bite into the ridiculously soft (and fatty), flavorful chashu was all I needed to know I will be a return customer. Everything else was wonderful too, which was really just the icing on the cake.


Monthly specials give a reason for customers to return and the Black Spicy Ramen @ RM26 is one of them. It is only limited to 30 bowls a day though.



Menya Kamikaze

Lot 1-2, 1st Floor,
1 Mont Kiara
Tel: 03-62119499

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