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Delicious Tong Yuen (Glutinous Rice Balls) @ Pin Chou, Klang

Pin Chou Klang Tong Yuen
Pin Chou Klang Tong Yuen

Approximately one year ago, we went to Klang to have dinner at the famous Boston Baru seafood restaurant. After the impressive meal we made a detour to a coffee shop to have ‘tong yuen‘ for dessert before going home.

As it turned out, the unassuming tong yuen was even more memorable than all the seafood we had earlier. Since then, it had become my most wanted thing to eat again in Klang, even preceding bak kut teh.

Pin Chou Klang Tong Yuen Stall

Restoran Pin Chou is the place to look for these delicious glutinous rice balls. The stall originated from Port Klang and was already famous for a long time before we knew about it. Locals would come and queue even before the stall is open for business.

Pin Chou Klang Tong Yuen

There are two types of tong yuen available: the bigger ones have black sesame or peanut fillings, while the smaller ones are purely rice balls. Both are prepared fresh on the spot. Besides tong yuen, you can buy ‘mua chee’ too, which is also made using the same glutinous rice dough.

Pin Chou Klang Peanut Tong Yuen

The larger tong yuen is priced at RM1.20 each and comes in a ginger and gula melaka flavored soup. It’s slightly spicy and every sip makes you all warm and fuzzy. The tong yuen is wonderfully soft, chewy but not sticky and contrasted well with the sandy-like texture of the fillings. There’s something about eating them that improves your mood instantly.

Pin Chou Klang Mua Chee
Pin Chou Klang Mua Chee with Peanuts

The smallest plate of of ‘mua chee‘ is RM3.30. As you can see they don’t stinge on the crushed peanuts, there’s more than enough to coat the glutinous rice cakes evenly. You may also opt to add gula melaka infused shredded coconut for extra aroma, texture and flavor in every bite.

Restoran Pin Chou Klang

Based on what we heard, the lady boss’ relative also operates another tong yuen stall in Bukit Tinggi. Unfortunately it was not open when we went there later, so we will probably drop by again in our next makan trip to Klang.

Tong Yuen 港口汤圆

Restoran Pin Chou, 112 Jalan Pekan Baru, Kawasan 17, Klang
Business hours: 6pm – 12am, closed on alternate Fridays
Tel: 016-2293710

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