Dim Sum @ Chuai Heng Restaurant, Jalan Bukit Bintang KL


Given the countless places that serve dim sum in KL, I seldom revisit a particular restaurant within a short period of time as there are always more to discover. But I made an exception for Chuai Heng and had my dim sum brunch there for two consecutive weekends because their dim sum is really good, albeit slightly higher priced than the rest.


The restaurant might look normal from the outside but the interior is actually quite grand with a welcoming appeal. Dim sum is ordered using an a la carte paper menu and prepared to order so they always taste warm and fresh.


I absolutely love the Siu Mai @ RM7.80. It sounds expensive but the good thing is that each basket contains four pieces instead of the usual three. Each of them are made of some minced meat and least three pieces of sweet and succulent prawns with the desirable crunchy texture.


Some pumpkin slices add a different twist to the Steamed Pork Ribs. This is very tasty as well, but alas, we felt it had more bones than meat.


‘Lau Sa Bao’ is almost as good as the ones we had in Hong Kong.


The warm custard filling oozes out like liquid gold, creamy with a salty fragrance – perfect.


One of the best Char Siew Sou (RM7) in town, similar to what I had at Red Star. You could smell the butter in the pastry as soon as they arrive, deliciously flaky on the outside and wonderfully gooey BBQ pork filling on the inside.


‘Xiu Long Bao’ – as good as the big chains’, honestly it is difficult to discern the difference in taste.


‘Har Gaw’ @ RM7.30


Fried Carrot Cake @ RM14, with portion large enough to be shared between at least two pax. Nicely done with a hint of spiciness and ample ‘wok hei’, a few large prawns are thrown in as well for the extra flavor.


Steamed Siu Mai with Pumpkin Sauce @ RM7.50 – basically a mixture of minced meat and prawn topped with creamy pumpkin sauce that is only lightly seasoned.


Although a common and popular Cantonese dim sum in Hong Kong, ‘Zhar Leong’ (炸两) is quite rare in KL so it’s worth ordering here. It is a combination of two simple ingredients, made by wrapping rice noodle roll around youtiao and layered with soy sauce. And instead of sesame seeds, it is sprinkled with some sweet and salty pork floss.


Besides the usual steamed and fried selections, roasted crispy Peking Duck is also served. The crispy duck skins are carved and rolled in pancakes before the diners’ eyes and that makes an interesting table show. From what I see in my visits so far, the duck is very popular with the diners who come in groups and families.

Chuai Heng Restaurant
231, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 08.836 E101 43.098
Tel: 03-2141 5666

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  1. Chuai Heng Restaurant in Bukit Bintang Dim Sum is alright. I won’t said it is good for a restaurant like that kind and also for the price that I am paying for. I don’t mind paying for it if it taste good but it is average, only the siu Mai is good the rest are very average. Not worth the money and the drive, better to have dim sum at local Chinese shop than Chuai Heng.

  2. Your parking attendance is SUCKS! I just had a horrible experiences with your parking attendance @ your premises.
    I have called your staff @ 8.15pm to report my complaints on this incidence. Your parking attendance is behaving like a gangster shouting repeatedly at me to demand for another parking fees (which is unacceptable) since I had paid earlier together with a valid receipts. He keep on banging my window demand me to come down n lower down my window. This whole incidents really shocked me and my daughter which is inside the car together with me at that moments. I believe your management should really look into this seriously, as what they did is just chase away your customer who use to patron @ your restaurant. After this incident, im not going to come back for my dining nor do I recommend for others.


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