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Tuck Cheong Dim Sum Restaurant @ Pudu


If you want to eat at Tuck Cheong, you need to come early before they run out of dim sum. Tuck Cheong opens as early as 6am and it was and still a haunt for Pudu‘s senior citizens to enjoy tea and mingle. Most of the customers here are regulars and some of them even have their breakfast here on a daily basis.

Tuck Cheong Siew Mai Pudu

Tuck Cheong Prawn Dim Sum Pudu

Tuck Cheong Fish Ball Pudu

Tuck Cheong Dim Sum Pudu

Tuck Cheong Dim Sum Steamed Pork Ribs

Anyway, let me just begin by saying Tuck Cheong’s homemade dim sum is not great by today’s standards. What they serve are traditional dim sum prepared with old recipes.
The current generation (those who are accustomed to eating at Jin Xuan/Kam Hin) will undoubtedly find the dim sum here bland and similar tasting since they share the same meat base. A lot of sauce dipping is required to get flavor out of the dim sum, which are mostly steamed items.

Tuck Cheong Loh Mai Kai Pudu

That said, keep your expectations low and just go for the sake of nostalgia. Everything is almost self service here – there’s no one to carry the baskets of dim sum around for your choosing pleasure.

Tuck Cheong Dim Sum Steamer

Instead, you will have to queue at the steamer where the owner or worker will retrieve them for you. Chili and sweet sauce are here as well and you will have to scoop them into the small plastic saucers provided.

Tuck Cheong Pudu Dim Sum

Although we did not find the dim sum any good, we did not regret eating here because we can’t really complain for the prices they charge. In total, our breakfast cost only RM17.30 for 5 plates of dim sum (RM3 each) and a pot of hot Chinese tea.

Tuck Cheong Dim Sum Restaurant Pudu

Tuck Cheong might not be the best place to have dim sum but I am sure glad they are around to cater to the older generation. At least they have somewhere to gather and spend their mornings, so for me that’s the bigger picture.

Restoran Tuck Cheong Pudu

Restoran Tuck Cheong 德昌饱饺茶餐室
Jalan Kancil, 55100 Pudu
Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 6am till finish

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