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D’Laksa – Popular Penang Asam Laksa from JB


With more than 20 branches scattered across shopping malls in Malaysia and Singapore, D’Laksa is one of the most popular food chains that specializes in Asam Laksa.


It’s a no-frills and self-serving kiosk-style establishment that makes a good choice for an affordable meal while shopping. Also, approximately half of the branches operate at AEON stores in KL and Johor.


Despite having its roots in JB, D’Laksa’s asam laksa is prepared according to a recipe that originated from Penang. The broth is cooked fresh at the individual kiosks and customers could watch the entire process, including the ingredients used. FYI, canned sardines are used.


While it might not look like much, the serving size for a standard bowl of asam laksa here is respectable with sufficient slices of fish and garnishes.
Personally, I don’t fancy sour food so I find myself drawn to D’Laksa’s rendition of asam laksa which leans toward sweet and spicy. If you prefer your asam laksa to be not as sweet, simply ask for less prawn paste.


For small bites, both the asam fish ball and fruit rojak are great. I think they are probably some of the nicest snacks you can enjoy while shopping. Cheap too. Check out D’Laksa’s website or Facebook page to find out which outlet is the closest to you.


Website: http://www.dlaksa.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/dlaksa2012

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