Do you complain if you get lousy food and service?

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Let’s talk about customer rights. Looking back at one of the comments I received, a reader expressed her concern towards the services offered by Ingolf’s Kneipe. So it prompted me to ask, what do you do as a customer if you were given crappy services or lousy food? This post comes from my own experience.


2 weeks ago my friend recommended me a Western food restaurant, it was just a few minutes’ walk from my apartment. Because it was recommended, I had fairly high expectations. At first glance, everything was supposed to be perfect.. the ambiance was nice, foods are fairly priced and the waiter was kind enough to serve us some garlic breads while waiting.


Mmmm.. crunchy garlic bread. Probably the nicest I have ever had.


What my friend had, Thai Style Chicken Chop. Looks better than it tasted, imagine eating fried chicken with Thai chilli sauce.. nothing special.


My order was a plate of mixed grill consisting of lamb, beef, fish, sausage, prawn, some vegetables and fries. Started by eating the fish.. it was ok. I proceeded to taste the beef, hmm there’s a funky smell.. Ignored it and tried the lamb. Then I realized where the funky smell came from, the lamb was the culprit. It had this rotten taste that you couldn’t even stand to chew. I know some people dislike lamb or mutton because of its smell. Since I don’t hate the smell I was pretty sure it was due to stale meat. To confirm my findings I even asked my friend to taste it, to which she agrees there was a very bad taste. Because of that, the entire meal was a disaster. And the other meats that came in contact were affected from the lamb’s juice. My only consolation was the prawn, which was fresh and tasty. Lucky me.

Feeling unhappy with my meal (the mixed grill set costs RM38++!) I made a complaint to the waiter. He apologized and offered a 10% discount for my meal. I didn’t take it and complained again. But this time to the waiter who took my order. To my surprise he told me that an earlier customer ordered the same set and his lamb was stale too. At this point I was disappointed and a bit mad. Why didn’t he warn me about this when he happily jot down my order? Why tell me when I complained? Then I demanded to see their manager, which they refused to let me and offered another 10% discount. But I insisted on meeting the manager or I won’t pay the bill. Then only they gave in. The manager apologized for the event and offered to cancel my order from the bill. In his defense he said the earlier complain was not communicated to him so he didn’t know. It was a miscommunication between he and the staff that this happened twice in the same day. It was a reasonable explanation so I accepted his explanation and offer.

Maybe because I had a camera with me when I complained, he thought I was a journalist or something so he offered to cancel my bill. The main point is, if you are unhappy with the food or service provided despite being expensively priced and even taxed for service, you should voice it out! Let the management know so that they could improve. Customers’ satisfaction is very important for restaurant owners because they are your only source of income. If I am the extreme type of person I would send an email bad mouthing your restaurant and no one will ever visit again. Do you have similar experiences? Care to share?

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