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Double McChicken is back with “Move It” Meal


Oh yeah Double McChicken is back! In conjunction with Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa bound to screen on the 13 Nov 2008, McDonalds has come up with a whole new menu with the “Move it” slogan. Having only myself for lunch, I drove to the nearest McD at Equine Park to try it.


A new limited time only set meal is called the “Move It” Meal, consisting of a Double McChicken, Move It Shaker Fries (large) and Green McFizz. The Double McChicken and Fries cost RM10.40 while the Green McFizz is priced at RM3.80, totalling RM14.20 for the meal. The Green McFizz contains real crushed pineapple. So, there’s something to chew on while drinking.


I can’t remember the last time I had Double McChicken, but it was sure a long time ago. There’s nothing much to say about the burger since it’s only an additional chicken patty. But mine sure had lots of lettuce lol, so much it was overflowing. If ordered via ala carte, the Double McChicken costs RM8.80. Yeah I know it’s pricey, which is why I will probably just eat it just once.


Lastly, a compulsory comparison between the Double McChicken as advertised and the real thing. Fast food restaurants are known to show nice and tempting photos of their food but when the real thing arrives, they look miserable. Well, I am glad to say the McD at Equine Park is still doing a good job on maintaining the quality. It is one of the very few McDs I would actually go nowadays.


If you hang out here often, you might catch me here on one afternoon :)

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  1. Hehe.. i plan to try out this one too. But will it be too full?

    vk: I didn’t manage to finish the fries lol. So I guess the large set is too much for a lady :)

  2. Hey there! It has been a long time since I came here. Hmmm, speaking of the quality of food served in Malaysia McDonalds, I have to say that it’s not as food as what they can offer across the causeway. Sometimes when I dine in Malaysia McDonalds (with a tiny hope that the eating experience will not be ruined by bad food), the food is either cold, soggy or over-fried (example, nuggets turned dark brown).

    I hope they’ll do something about the food quality :)

  3. haha, reminds me of the day when i was at the drive thru and the mcd’s guy had to scratch his head coz the guys in the car behind me asked for madagascar fries! the guy was like “apa??” and promptly told the guy they didn’t have such fries. aiyo, too many terms lah.

  4. mahal seyh. 14 ringgit. and my local mcd here sukz bad. they present the burger like that one. messy.

    p/s. mane commentluv?

    vk: I guess the plugin did not work after I upgraded my WP. It’s back again :) Thanks for notifying.. i didn’t realize at all

  5. now even cheaper, mega mac and double spicy chicken mcdeluxe set with fries n coke only costs somewhere around RM12-13 during the lunch time.


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