Dragon-I Restaurant @ Queensbay Mall (Revisit)


This is one of days where I don’t have the mood to write much. Because the food is nothing spectacular, yet expensive. Even the photos I took are bad, touching up was a painful process. Not worth going anymore, that’s what I think of Dragon-I after my last visit to the Queensbay Mall‘s branch.

xiao long bao

So, let me start with the nicest among all. The Shanghainese Steamed Buns aka Xiu Long Bao. RM9 per basket of four. We had two baskets of this.

chilled chicken marinated with hua diao wine

Then followed by Chilled Chicken Marinated with Hua Diao Wine. Tastes like normal ‘pak cham kai’ infused with Hua Diao. Very strong alcoholic smell, not recommended at all. And yeah it was really chilled. RM15 for that few miserable pieces that don’t look like what’s shown in the menu at all.

honey glazed smoked duck with flour pancakes

Honey Glazed Smoked Duck Breast with Flour Pancakes. For that few slices of duck breast meat, they are charging RM28 for it. And the lotus seeds don’t look fresh to me.

shanghainese braised pork belly with beancurd leaves

This is supposed to be their signature dish, Shanghainese Braised Pork Belly with Beancurd Leaves @ RM23. Again, it looks freaking delicious on the menu, but tasted nothing special.. just sweet. If you don’t eat fat meat, don’t bother ordering this.


A couple of buns come with the braised pork belly, which can be used to dip in the gravy. Errgh.. don’t like it.

steamed rice with chicken

Steamed Rice with Chicken, Mushroom and Chinese Sausages @ RM15. This is for those who have big appetites.

sauteed slice beef with chives

The Sauteed Slice Beef with Chives was alright, but a tad salty. The dish was saved because of the tender beef slices, price RM18.

minced meat and vegetable wantan soup

Minced Meat and Vegetable Wantan Soup @ RM12. They taste like Xiu Long Bao with Chinese chives, in soup. OK lah.

honeydew sago cream

Luckily the trusty Honeydew Sago Cream @ RM8 did not fail us.

pomelo mango sago cream

Pomelo Mango Sago Cream @ RM10. Mango was sweet and nice but the bitter pomelo pulp ruined it. Don’t they taste the pomelo first before serving it? Sigh. Total damage was RM205.85 inclusive of service charge and tax.

Overall, very disappointed with Dragon-I already. The food is not great and the service is still as bad as my last visit a couple of months ago. They mix up our orders a lot of times and constantly spill tea when they’re refilling. Please don’t act like a pro and serve with one hand if you are new. Your hot tea spilled on my mom’s hand and you didn’t even apologize. I saw it, dammit.

Blacklisted forever. And I don’t regret this decision at all because I’ve already tried some of their most expensive items (which are supposed to taste good for the price). But, bleh.

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  1. Honey Glazed Smoked Duck Breast with Flour Pancakes, the name sounds great… But holy crap, the quality of the dish seems to be that *ahem*… The most stingy food served I ever seen.

    m0n pEt!t’s last blog post..The Matter of Conscience

    vk: Yeah, even though we already knew the portion before we ordered it.. still.. I went to San Francisco Steakhouse yesterday.. with that amount of money spent, you can actually eat STEAKS! Rather than these pathetic slices of duck breast

  2. you really really condemn this, don’t you? the last I viisted was bad, then, I re-visited again. to me they have improved a fair bit. but nothing to shout about. to dine in Dragon-i expected to have that kind of damages, otherwise, guess better dont step in. that’s my advice. :-)

    New Kid On The Blog’s last blog post..Tiger Koay Teow Th’ng 亞虎粿條湯

    vk: Not condemn, just being honest. With that kind of price being paid, I expect something much nicer. And I wouldn’t even come here if it’s not for my sis’ birthday

  3. Since u’re in KL, think about trying out the original branch (at least per my knowledge in MYS) in Mid Valley, just beside Cititel.

    This was good (note: 2 years ago).

    For BEST !! Xiao Long Bao and if u’re in Singapore, try the Din Tai Fung @ Paragon. Apparently other branches there are not as good as this. Yummy…already drooling thinking of this ! ;)

  4. Ok… This time I’m the one looking for stay in Penang :p Saw you left message in Lilian’s blog telling Platinumgirl that you can get hotel at 40% discount. I’m interested. Do let me know. You can contact me at the e-mail address.

    Irene’s last blog post..Very Very Random

    vk: Emm.. let me think first

  5. whoa….thank you for sharing this with us, lucky I didn’t dine in last weekend when I shopped in Queensbay mall with my friends, we went to Taiwan Bull and Shi Lin instead, we were planning to go there in our next shopping…, but I dont think we will make it after reading this!!! whew!!!.. YOU SAFE OUR POCKET!!! love you!!! hahahhaaa…

    vk: Well.. the xiao long bao is worth a try.. the others.. can forget about it.. BTW, shih lin also sucks

  6. hav u ever visited Harry’s B1 Korean BBQ @ Autocity?? mayb u can hav a try thr n give ur comment bout it in ur blog lo…thy r now doing promotion for d BBQ…d BBQ r quite special lo~ but it’s stil quite exp~ rm88+ for 2 ppl~ but since it’s quite special mayb u can hav a try thr ^^ ~ waiting 4 ur article bout it lo~ haha

    vk: Nope.. I haven’t been there yet. I am quite hesitant to try Korean food because it always upsets my stomach..

  7. Yet another overpriced, overrated chain with greatly deteriorating standards. My first try at the Cititel Mid Valley outlet was orgasmic, but second and third visits following that have just been bad bad BAD. Safe to say there will not be a fourth visit.

    550ml jar of faith’s last blog post..Old Friends, Nagore Rd

    vk: Agreed. Agreed and agreed again. I have blacklisted this restaurant.. I am gonna try Ding Tai Fung in Pavilion next

  8. I understand that the proper to eat xiao long bao is to bite the top part, sip the soup within before consuming the rest with ginger slices.

    But somehow, I can never handle the dim sum properly such that the skin intact so that the soup won’t spill… lol

    C K’s last blog post..Half a million on strike in the UK part 1

    vk: You’re right! It takes some practice before you can eat it without spilling, lol..

  9. hey, nan xiang in the curve also has good xiao long bao. =) Anyway, there’s one good food in penang that you missed out ! baby octopus or tu bo sui in hokkien! hehe.. there’s a good stall that sells the steamed baby octopus in the place where they sell crab met hor fun

    Yuhhui’s last blog post..i’m a bad monster

    vk: Oh is it?? I am going back to BM next month.. will *try* to look for it :P

  10. I have eaten here probably three times since early beginnings. Have concluded that their food isn’t as good as their early days and definitely not worth the price we are paying for. I have stopped going there for about 2 years now. I go to SS2, One Noodles – different class but definitely cheaper than Dragon I.

    wmw’s last blog post..The Miele Guide

  11. I never repeat my visit to disapointing restaurants. Once I don’t satisfy with the food or service I will never come back again. Anyway, I’m interested to try making pomelo mango sago cream, but of course with better pomelo :) .

  12. It seems like Dragon-i is also popular in penang! I always like to bring outstations from to visits Dragon-i in KL (I stay in KL). They have also open a new outlet call Canton-i in One Utama (PJ). Not bad too!

  13. The ramen sux. Taste flat. Lucky u din try that.

    vk: Actually leh.. we did order ramen that day, I didn’t show only hehe. Ordered for mom because she never tried before and was curious about it.. I already knew it would suck because I tried b4.. but nvm loh.. hehe

  14. The shang hai mee or whatsover they called it, sux to the max. Basically tasteless. Lucky you did not try that.

    vk: Basically the majority of food in Queensbay’s Dragon-I suck. Except for xiao long bao lolz.

  15. hey, found your blog from google, love it^^ and yeah, ive went to Dragon-i in QB Mall once, and im never gonna go again! the food there is so expensive and its worse than my cooking…= =” wonder why you gave it another chance…

    Jung’s last blog post..李言死了…

    vk: Thanks! I gave it another chance because my parents didn’t eat there before.. and it was my sis’ birthday. If not, I die also won’t go in

  16. Agree. Dragon-i is totally disappointing when I visited to the branch in the Curve, Damansara. We ordered ramen with 3 different flavor but none of them was satisfying. Siu Long Bao is OK but doesnt worth the price.

  17. Your review is right on. Their service is one of the worst I’ve encountered. Got the impression they wanted you to eat and leave fast. Price is extremely expensive for the quality and quantity provided.


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