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Duck Noodle @ Soon Yen Coffee Shop, Melaka


Soon Yen Dry Duck Noodle Melaka

Despite being a local favorite, duck noodle does not enjoy the same popularity (with tourists) as the other food in Melaka eg. satay celup, cendol and chicken rice balls.

Melaka Duck Noodle Stall

As simple as it looks, it’s actually tasty and comforting to eat on a day when you just want something simple. There are plenty of places you can get duck noodle but Soon Yen coffee shop is a good start for a promising experience.

Soon Yen Duck Noodle Soup Melaka

Like most of the noodles we have out there, you have a choice of soup or dry for the duck noodle. Regardless of which you pick, you will still get a good serving of the braised duck broth to with the meal.
The broth is herbal based and if you drink it on its own, it tastes pretty close to Bak Kut Teh. And if you like to spice things up a bit, their homemade chili sauce will do the trick. Personally, it’s a must because even a small dash makes a noticeable difference on the flavor.

Soon Yen Duck Mee
Melaka Soon Yen Duck Noodle

There are virtually no tourists everytime we come here, as locals make up the bulk of the customers. FYI, the wantan noodle prepared with mee pok we had recently is just next door. So if you can try both noodles at once if you happen to be in the area.

Soon Yen Coffee Shop Melaka

Soon Yen Duck Noodle

Jalan Tengkera, Tengkera Kampung Sembilan, 75200 Melaka
Business hours: 7am – 1.30pm, closed on Tuesdays

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