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Durian Cendol @ Mel’s Corner, Batu Caves

Durian Cendol Batu Caves Mel's Corner
Durian Cendol Batu Caves Mel's Corner

We are approaching the bumper period (when the supply is high) for the current durian season, so you will see a gradual decline in the prices. Although Musang King’s price has dropped from RM120/kg to RM/75 from the week before, it’s still expensive.

Durian Cendol Mel's Corner
Durian Cendol Durian Tembaga Mel's Corner

Now if you want to enjoy durian without having to spend a fortune, durian cendol will be your answer. And no, you don’t need to travel to Shah Alam, as it’s also available at Mel’s Corner in Batu Caves.

Durian on Cendol
Durian Cendol Preparation
Durian Cendol Batu Caves Mel's Corner

Mel’s Corner’s durian cendol is RM20 for a big bowl and it comes with two pulps of local durian tembaga and ice cream with all the usual toppings. They don’t use any processed durian paste or artificial flavoring to enhance the durian flavor in the cendol.
Whatever you taste is directly from the durian pulps and the ones we had were bitter sweet and honestly quite wonderful. That said, do note that you may get a different type of durian and the price will change accordingly to the durian season.

Mel's Corner Durian Cendol Batu Caves

This is the crowd in the weekends. Don’t be discouraged though, as service is relatively fast especially if you are taking away. For those who plan to ‘makan sini’, don’t bother to queue. You will need to secure a table first then only place your order.

Mel's Corner Durian Cendol Durian Shake Roti John

Besides durian cendol, durian shake, ABC durian and Roti John are also available.

Mel's Corner Durian Shake

The durian shake is RM7, ice blended with 100% durian flesh, gula melaka and ice cream then topped with chocolate candies. The durian flavor is really strong in this one and the shake shake is rich and creamy in taste. I thought the chocolate candies were unnecessary and didn’t add anything to it.

Mel's Corner Roti John

Their Roti John was alright, not the best I have had but surely satisfying enough as a snack while waiting for the cendol to arrive.

Mel’s Corner is open till midnight too, perfect when you have sudden pangs of craving for durian or supper. To know more about this place, check out the video we made above.

Mel's Corner Batu Caves
Mel's Corner Batu Caves Durian Cendol

Mel’s Corner

Jalan TIB 3, Taman Industri Bolton, Kg. Gombak Indah, Batu Caves
Tel: 019-617 4272
Business hours: 11am – 1am

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