Durian & Mango Cendol @ Warisan Kak Aini, Wangsa Maju

Warisan-Kak-Aini D24 Durian Cendol with Mangoes KL
Warisan-Kak-Aini D24 Durian Cendol with Mangoes KL


When Rojak & Cendol Shah Alam came up with the idea of using real durian pulps in their durian cendol, it created a frenzy on the internet.
People really took on the idea and for the following weeks, the stall was extremely busy with queues of customers. As you would have expected, many other cendol stalls in the country followed suit later.


Cue a year later, there are dozens of places in Klang Valley where you can get this kind of durian cendol. We have not been able to try every single one of them, but so far, Warisan Kak Aini is our favorite.


D24 durian is the primary choice for Kak Aini and she does not use the more expensive variants such as Musang King. And if she runs out of stock for D24 durian, durian kampung is used as a substitute.


They rarely use durians from Thailand unless the local ones are totally unavailable. That said, you are free to opt for durian kampung, in which you get two durian pulps instead of one for the same price of RM10.


Besides durian, mango is also a popular option here, not to mention more affordable. The Chendul Mangga is RM6 a bowl and that’s a reasonable price considering the portion and amount of diced mango that goes into it.
For those who don’t always come to Wangsa Maju, the Chendul DurGga @ RM17 is what you should try. It’s basically a combination of DURian and manGGA, hence the name.


It’s undeniable that Kak Aini’s cendol looks delicious because of the colorful toppings. But that’s only part of the reason why we like it.
Despite not having the fluffiest shaved ice, richest Gula Melaka or the creamiest santan, her cendol wins in striking a perfect balance of flavor. The sweetness is just right without being cloying as not to inhibit the flavors of other ingredients present in the cendol.


Warisan Kak Aini also serves Pulut Durian/Mangga, Laksa Sarang and Rojak – but we were too stuffed to try the latter two. From what we heard, they are great, as Kak Aini used to be a chef before starting this business.


Warisan Kak Aini

Lot 3 Jalan 4/27A, Wangsa Maju Seksyen 2, 53300 Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 12pm – 9pm, closed on Mondays
Tel: 013-676 2701

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