Durian Mei Mei (榴莲妹妹档) @ Klang

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Durian season is upon us again. This time, the durians are cheaper than previous seasons and they are affordable again. If you are looking for a reliable durian stall in Klang, look out for 榴莲妹妹档 (Durian Mei Mei).


This family owned durian stall offers a variety of durian clones including Musang King, D13, Red Prawn, D101, Kong Hoi, XO, D24 and etc but subject to availability.
Unlike some popular stalls that attract customers using sales gimmick and various ‘limited time promotions’, they are true to their words so you pay for what you see.


FYI we tried their Kong Hoi durian (sweet and small seed), Red Prawn and D13 (bitter sweet with orangy flesh) last Saturday (24 March) and all of them were excellent at RM15/kg. During the weekdays you can expect the prices to drop slightly due to lower demand.


As I know, the same durian clones were sold at RM13/kg a couple of days before that. They were about RM5 cheaper than what I got at Chen Brothers.
That said, I was still happy with my purchase at Chen Brothers because the durians we got were excellent and worth every cent. Moreover, I did not have to travel all the way to Klang.


Since the durian prices fluctuate from day to day, you can refer their Facebook page to find out the updated daily prices. Durian Mei Mei does not have a permanent stall and operates at various locations which are mostly pasar malam. Their locations and business hours are listed below.

Monday – Pandamaran Pasar Malam (2pm – 10pm)
Tuesday – Teluk Pulai Pasar Malam (2pm – 10pm)
Wednesday – Taman Chi Leung Pasar Malam (2pm – 10pm)
Thursday – Jalan Meru Pasar Malam (2pm – 10pm)
Friday – Taman Sentosa Pasar Malam (2pm – 10pm)
Saturday – In front of Magnum 4D Bayu Perdana, Jalan Batu Unjur 7 (1pm – 7pm)
Sunday – In front of Magnum 4D Bayu Perdana, Jalan Batu Unjur 7 (1pm – 7pm)

Durian Mei Mei – 榴莲妹妹档

Tel: 014-360 5397 (Cindy) / 016-643 5849
Facebook: 榴莲妹妹档

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