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Musang King Hanjyuku Cheese Tarts @ Happy Happy Bread Bakery


Kajang Happy Happy Cheese Tarts

Step aside salted egg custard, half-baked cheese tarts are officially the craze of the town currently. One unassuming bakery in Kajang called Happy Happy Bread Bakery has even stepped up the game by imbuing our beloved durian into their cheese tarts.
Also, they are not using just any durian but Musang King! Based on the amount of social media attention they gained, safe to say it was a brilliant move and they are now reaping the benefits.

Happy Happy Cheese Tart Queue

Happy Happy Half Baked Cheese Tart Kajang

Although there was already a queue when we reached the bakery, waiting time was short as we got our tarts within 10 minutes. From what I saw, not everyone in the queue was there to buy the cheese tarts, as some of them were buying traditional pastries instead.

Happy Happy Bread Bakery Kajang

I am not sure if there’s a minimum purchase, but you will only get a box if you buy 6 pcs and above. We took a mix of normal cheese tarts and durian cheese tarts which cost RM23 (a bit of discount) in total. The tarts were still warm and fragant when we got them.

Happy Happy Durian Cheese Tart Kajang

With everything considered, Happy Happy’s cheese tarts @ RM3.80/pc would be considered cheap if you compare it with Tokyo Secret‘s (TS) RM7.90/pc. Size wise they are pretty much the same but TS’ cheese tarts are deeper and undeniably filled with more cheese filling. Besides, Happy Happy’s cheese tart feels fragile and crack easily. So you need to be careful or they would break into pieces – even just trying to lift them up from the box.
Based on that I’d say their pastry kung fu is behind TS’, which is why you are paying RM4 less here. Having said that, the tart’s crust is still crumbly delicious with a sandy texture, while the cheese filling is soft and gooey and more overflowing – even more than TS’ but not as intense in flavor.

Happy Happy Musang King Durian Cheese Tart

As for the durian cheese tart, it’s nice and good enough to justify its RM4.50 price tag. You can see the amount of Musang King durian flesh at the bottom of the tart which occupies more than half of the filling. However, if I return again I’d stick to the original cheese tarts.

Happy Happy Bread Bakery

For those who plan to come, do note that their half-baked cheese tarts are baked in 2 batches a day and only ready for purchase from 12.30pm and 6.30pm onwards. So plan your journey carefully to avoid disappointments. You may also call or Whatsapp them ahead for reservation.

Happy Happy Bread Bakery 开心即烘面包

285, Jalan Berjaya 10
Taman Berjaya, 43000 Kajang
GPS Coordinates:2.984111, 101.778709
Tel: 017-722 3326
Business hours: 6am – 10pm

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