Musang King Durian (Export Grade) @ Sinnaco Durian Specialist, PJ

Export Grade Musang King Durian Sinnaco
Export Grade Musang King Durian Sinnaco

Export grade Musang King Durian – these 5 words give me a mixed feeling. It’s unfortunate that the bulk of durian of the higher quality in Malaysia is exported to wealthier countries like Singapore and China.
However, if you can afford it, you can get them at Sinnaco Durian Specialist at RM58/kg (correct at time of writing) albeit at limited quantity.

Musang King Durian Export Grade

So how did Sinnaco manage to get a hold of these “export grade” Musang King durians? Well they bid for them and basically paid the same price as the Singaporean stall owners. Appearance wise, they have a more greyish husk which is usually a good indication that an old durian tree bore them.

Picking Durian

Durian Testing

When a single durian can cost you close to RM100, you better make sure the quality is worth paying for. You should always make your taste preference known first: whether you are looking for bitter or sweet durian.
If the staff is an experienced one, he should be able to pick one that’s right for you. And this is probably the most important bit – always try the durian first and make sure you are happy with it! You wouldn’t want to return and argue about the quality later, trust me on that.

Export Grade Musang King Durian

Musang King Durian Flesh

Export Grade Pahang Musang King

As soon as our export grade Musang King durian arrived, I knew it was going to be bitter-ish. You could actually tell by spotting the bruise-like mark on the durian pulps.
True enough, they tasted bitter-sweet and the depth of flavor was amazing and the ovrall quality is simply a class above than what we had previously. So the extra bucks were definitely worth it.

Musang Queen Trakka Durian

Sinnaco calls their Trakka as ‘Musang Queen’. It’s not without basis as the taste of Trakka is generally second after Musang King. But make no mistake, a very good queen can take on the average king anytime.

Trakka Durian

If you bought a Trakka durian and the core does not look like this, you better ask for your money back. FYI it’s not a defect but one of the unique characteristics you will find on a Trakka durian. Another durian that also shares an orangy core is Black Thorn – just not as prominent.

Musang Queen Durian Trakka

Trakka Durian Flesh

Taste wise it didn’t disappoint at all and recommended for those who appreciate bitter tasting durian. Trakka has always been a resilient cultivar and it shows time after time.

Sinnaco Durian Specialist PJ

From what I was told, Sinnaco will continue to bring in the export grade supply of Musang King for another 2 weeks or so. If you are curious to find out what our neighbors are enjoying, and what we have been missing – you should make your away here as soon as possible.

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