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RM10 Eat All You Can Durian @ Donald’s Durian, SS2

Donald's Durian Buffet SS2
Donald's Durian Buffet SS2

It’s durian season again. And since I have never been to any durian buffet (or better known as eat all you can durian here in KL) I decided to have give it a try at one of the many stalls located at SS2. So far I haven’t seen this eat all you can durian thingy in Penang before, maybe that’s because Penang is selling it at RM1 each lol.


Located a stone throw’s away from SS2’s police station near the rows of bridal shops are three durian stalls having their very own durian buffets. For RM10 you can MAKAN SAMPAI KENYANG. Before you get all excited about feasting on Hor Lor and Ang Heh (Red Prawn), keep in mind that only Durian Kampung is served for the buffet at this price.


DurianSS2 offers the cheapest eat all you can around @ RM9 for Durian Kampung only. But because the promotion started during lunch time around 1pm, the durians were completely sold off when we reached there at 8pm. The only other promotion going on was RM15 for D24 durians. We didn’t take it and walked to the next stall, Donald’s Durian.


Donald’s Durian was having the buffet for Durian Kampung @ RM10 and RM20 for D24. It’s slightly more expensive than DurianSS2 but it was also the most crowded one.


Some of the varieties of durian they had at Donald’s Durian. I like the fact that they cater for durian party. I hope it’s not the throwing type one lol.


Since it’s a durian buffet you don’t get to choose the durians yourself. So there are bound to be hits and misses. The workers just bring the durians to your table whether you like it or not.
You might have a better chance of getting the nicer ones if your PR skill worked on them, else it’s all about your luck. Luckily the first durian that arrived on our table was also the biggest and also the nicest we had that night.


If lady luck is not on your side, you would get small and hard durians like this. After getting 2 durians we were not satisfied with – one being watery and the other one with a weird numbing aftertaste, we decided to complain.
The complaint worked and the bad durian was discarded into the bin by the worker. We were just glad we weren’t forced to finish the bad durians. And instead of asking the workers, we asked the lady boss to choose the durians for us.


That proved to the best thing to do, as she delivered two nice tasting durians. Besides, she’s much more friendlier too.


In total we had five durians (2 big, 2 medium and 1 small sized) shared among the four of us. If you ask me whether RM10 is worth the try.. I would say yes. But I highly doubt I would return for it again, at least not within the same year. I have far exceeded my quota of durians for this year in one night alone lol. I am hoping I won’t get sore throat the next day.



For a first timer, I was wondering if there was any basin to wash our hands, and whether drinks were served. Much to my delight, there was a basin and purified water is available for free. The basin was interesting because it had one of its taps fixated with a durian shell.
It is said that the water flowing through the inner part of the shell would help to eliminate the durian smell from your hand and mouth (if you gargle with it) I didn’t try it because it seemed weird lol. Have you tried it before? Does it really work?

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  1. gargle part I am not sure, but if u drink the water with the durian shell, u won’t get sore throat, my dad told me since i was kid, u believe or not?

  2. Pls don’t eat there. I tried the durian buffet RM10 yesterday and I felt so conned of my money. Here are the reasons:

    1) All durians presented to us wwre not ripe, too mushy or had worms. We weren’t expecting top notch but at least something presentable. But we tried 6 durians, only 1 was edible and I am serious. Go visit the other stalls if u must eat the buffet.

    2) The long waiting time. The Banglas were taking so long that it got everyone waiting so impatiently for the durians to come to their table. Seeing the disgruntled customers, and being one myself coz we kept calling n calling for them to bring the durian, they only brought one at a time. So this Bangla guy bought us one small durian. I knew i had to wait at least 10 mins after i finish eating this, so i ask him to put 2 at my table. to my horror, he refused and said just eat what u have. the other customers were as shocked as i am coz he had the cheek to say that even when he take so long to bring one durian over.

    It was a frustrating experience. Go eat elsewhere.

    P/S – During that night (yesterday), we saw at least 2 couples near us leaving as soon as eating js 2 durians, coz of the BAD DURIANS & BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! I tried eating at the other stalls before, and the staff were more than eager to bring me good durians.

    • well…it is pretty obvious what you guys are doing here with your negative comment which i doubt its authencity!

      In political sense it is like personal attack

      I am a little skeptic about some of the comments here…they are skewed in to running down this Donald’s Durian business

      Personally, I have eaten there when since I was 20 yo and now i am in my 30s

      I have had good and bad durians thoughout this period…but bad ones were always been replaced with good ones and as his business became rosier and busier…of course the time to serve customers has increased in tandem with it too

      It is just like some famous pan mee stall lar…like some do not mind waiting till half an hour for a bowl of it…same applies here…lar

      Perhaps others out of jealously have reacted in such fashion…which is understandable…cos it seems like a lousy and cheapskate business tactics via the internet to sabotage your competitors

      Seriously, i have no issue eating there as he was the pioneer of durian in SS2…if since his business can survive so long till now…doesnt that enough to tell you something good about it…and if he was a cheater…i bet he should have out of business since eons ago.

      The only thing Donald’s can do to improve is to perhaps increase a few more workers as sometimes I notice it is kind of stressful when one is shorthanded with staff….especially while attending to durian eaters…as a durian lover myself…I know ;)

      Just my 2 cent worth…

    • This is somewhat expected but still it’s a sad thing. Usually the purpose of having buffet is to clear stock loh.. many Japanese buffets are like this too

  3. I think it’s not worth it lor… Rm10 per person… Have much can u actually eat? For ur case 5 only lor.. for 4 persons. You paid Rm40 for 5 durians. I got my durians for Rm10 – 3 nice pieces only. Far more tasty than ur 1, I believed. I dun wan2 pay and eat durians which is meant to be throw away lor…

  4. Hey vkeong, me and my makan gang just went to SS2 durian buffet yesterday evening too! We tried out the first stall RM10 Pahang durian.. Same experience as you, the very first round durian is the best, however the 2nd and 3rd round durian was so so only.. I guess this is the business tactic huh..

    Anyway, my sis did tried to used the durian shell to washed hand.. And she said it works! The smell just gone magically.. Haha…

    Jessey Ui’s last blog post..New Formosa Restaurant

  5. Plzz Don’t eat Durian at SS2 Donald’s Durian, Bad Quality..and simply let the Bangladesh workers serve customer, choose durian which is no quality, bcause of the night is dark, customer can’t see clearly of quality of the durian, and when we brought back then realised half durian not fully masak. got cheat..

    • hmm aren’t all the stalls there are dark at night? anyway like I said you should ask for the ‘si tao poh’ to choose the durians for you. definitely will get better ones

  6. say only got rm5. everyday no matter how early i come also no rm5. always presented with rm10 durians. sammo d bangla ask him to bring one durian like ask him for money. make me wait so long! waste time. the other 2 durians stalls r better. i think u promoted the wrong stall, give wrong credit.

  7. It’s not about clearing stock. It’s BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Also, I have tried SS2 Durian Wai, and the other durian stall beside. Their service is so much better. When they see me eating the last one, they will automatically come to my table and give me another one without me asking or hollering for them to come. :)

    If you said about clearing stock through buffets, I don’t see the same thing happening to the other 2 stalls lor. THe durians given to me were acceptable. Not like the Donald’s one, where I was served with too young durian, too mouldy and even with brown patches of worms inside. Eeeeek.

  8. Hm…on the flipside, thanks for the write up. At least ppl are aware how terrible it is – the customer service, the Bangla and the durian quality. IF not, most ppl will flock there unknowingly. Sigh.

  9. i think the lure of a RM10 durian buffet will still see ppl making a beeline to SS2..
    exhibit A – my bf
    he read this site yesterday with me and before,during and after reading it he has maintained – am goin 2mr. i gotta go 2mr.

    C’s last blog post..Durian Partayyyy!!

  10. Bought one medium size durian kampong for only RM2 today in Penang and enjoyed it. If I bought 5 (Rm10), I don’t think I can finish them all.

  11. All of you are so lucky. All we have here in United States were either FROZEN DURIAN or ARTIFICIALLY RIPEN durian from Thailand that taste and smell like nothing. If given all the durian you guy had rejected, I will eat them all with no complain.

    Vkeong, do you think I can still find durian in September? I am going to visit Malaysia in September.

  12. Hey…. i have tried yesterday night….Donald’s durian ss2…. totally agreed the services are bad…….. We went in a group of 4ppls. We took the RM 20 for D24. You need to call n call to get durian…………. taste are nice for the 1st durian…… others are just so so only…..

  13. Well i have tested the stalls beside, 2 person ate 8 durian =P 2-3 near perfect, others are average. complain & changed a few due to its ultra dry/ no taste. the service is fast, when you are on the last seed the guy will start putting durians on your table. it come with mineral water & a place for you to wash your hands for free~ hehe

    Don’t listen to malicious allegations, remarks and rumours or complaints that do not hold water – that is, not true.

    YOU certainly need genuine witnesses to proof your say that Donald is a “cheat”, otherwise, it will rebound and reflect back at you, for having made such a malicious allegations, remarks, rumours or false complaints.

    Of course, the public, in this case the Durian lovers will then think that you have a personal agenda and motive behind what you are doing.

    Whoever you are, you should go over to Donald’s Durian Stall in SS2/24 Petaling Jaya, to check it out for yourself and, then, come back to say your piece without fear or favour, and to apologise to this man, Donald, for having made a false report.

    For your information, Donald has come a long way, has a long history in the business – so if he is a “cheat” he won’t be still selling Durians ‘til today.

    It’s common knowledge and understanding that competition in business is healthy and is, in fact, the name of the game, especially with others selling and doing the same business in the same street, in this case, in SS2/24, Petaling Jaya.

    There are 3 Durian stalls selling the King of Fruits adjacent to each other on the same street. So, it’s natural to see some dissatisfactions and disagreements between the parties.

    What you know, some quarters had taken the wrong-turn by playing dirty tactics to frame the competitor, to the extent of writing poison articles to a Blog, simply to instil fears to the public, in this case, to Durian lovers.

    Don’t listen to all these wild rumours and nonsense or be taken for a ride, of sort.

    Exactly, as his (Donald’s) new or old customers, you are in a better position to be a judge yourself to know what’s true or false, that will clear the allegation.

    O.kay! We dispute what this quarter had said about Donald.

    It’s indeed outrageous and an unfair statement because there is no truth.

    As you know, in all kinds of businesses, there are bound to be some customers making claims and complaints, which is normal.

    Over to you, the person who had called Donald a “cheat”, what you know about “Mao Sun Wong” or “Raja Kunyit”? And, who actually started the “Eat All You Can” Concept or Idea for Durians?

    It’s non-other than this man, Donald, himself. So, sit back and take a reflection on this and think about what you said about him, being a “Cheat”.

    We, namely Messrs Alan Zechariah, Patrick Teoh, Jeff You and yours truly (Lau Bing) together with Norina Yahya, including the late Kenny Lim had been eating Durians in Donald’s Durian Stall in SS15 Subang Jaya in the 1995 and thereafter in Petaling Jaya.

    This is about 15 years ago and, that was, how we became friends.

    If he was a “Cheat” we will know.

    By the way, we noticed that he seriously sees to it there is good customer relations, trust and ethics between him and his customers, like for instance, he will replace a fruit without any question asked, so long it is unripe or has a funny taste, etc. etc.

    No matter how good a Durian salesman you are there is always a slip because nobody can really sees through a Durian from the outside (skin).

    It’s therefore not his character to condemn or make an unpleasant remark or comment about his competitors, except to find New Ways to sell his fruits. So, why should anyone bothers him when he doesn’t bother anybody.

    Remember, it was him (Donald) who started selling Durians to customers for “All You Can Eat” Concept. He has photos and documents to proof it.

    Donald will never play tricks or dirty tactics on his competitors.

    There you go! We have no hesitation to recommend you (all Durian lovers) to go on have your Durians at Donald’s Durian Stall in SS2/24, Petaling Jaya. You will enjoy having the fruits in his place and if you are lucky you can catch him at the right time when he will share his jokes with you.

    Well, here’s the History part:

    Do you know Donald had done many Durian charities for homes of handicapped and underprivileged children and for old folks homes?

    That means he may be the Only Durian sales man in town, who shares his profits with unfortunate people and those who are in dire need of funds.

    We remember together with Jeff Yow and the late Kenny Lim and yours truly (Lau Bing), we got to know this kind, generous and compassionate man, Donald, when Stephen Ng, a stringer with the Malay Mail, was doing a write up of the 3 musketeers of the then RTM Radio 4 for the paper.

    All 4 of us met at Donald’s Durian Stall in SS15 Subang Jaya for a photo shoot.

    During the photo shoot, we asked him (Donald) whether he was interested to do a Durian Charity for underprivileged and abandon children. He abruptly answered, “Yes! Why not!”

    And, within weeks we got a Durian Charity going and raised over RM10, 000 for two Charitable Organisations.

    He was so happy with the results and told us that he had decided to donate Lock-Stock and Barrel, the whole collection to Rumah Charis and Rumah Hope of which each of them got over RM5,000

    Thereafter, he held a string of charities for the underprivileged and handicapped people in town and also for those who are in dire need of funds.

    The bottomline is this man needs your continued support, trust and understanding and remember your support goes a long way helping the poor, in a way, when you buy your Durians at Donalds’s Duriang Stall in SS2/24 Petaling Jaya.

    Cheers! See you all at Donald’s


  15. Washing your hands with the water running over the durian shell actually works … it does remove the smell from your hands , unless u have some still stuck in your fingernails . Personally , i always take a drink of water from the shell after eating the durians , as a habit from childhood … and i have not ever been ” heaty ” or ” sick ” from bingeing on durians … No harm trying for yourself and find out … Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat !!!

  16. hmm, now that I come to think of it,
    i never had any problem or get sick during my childhood or teenage years from eating durians.
    it was a childhood practice to drink water from a durian shell after eating durians.
    I noticed that in recent years i always get feverish after eating durians.
    this could be due to me buying supermarket-packaged durians where there is no shell.
    hmmm…..i gotta test it out soon coz i am frustrated that i get sick nowadays after a durian feast!

  17. I personally felt that it’s full of crap. … just another free tactics to lure customer or promote thier popularities!

    We went for the durain buffet not because we can’t afford to buy one, but since it’s
    on sales, we purchased some as the saying equate Happy seller = Happy buyer.

    However as such, we were not treated as value customer, instead we were treated with cold shoulder looks, plus the slow service of the workers and their poor behavior made us felt that we are there to beg for food!!!

    Please patron these stalls if you cannot afford to pay 20RM for 3 good durain!

    I on the other hand would never visit these stalls again or even recommend anyone who’s planning to go…

    Waste money and energy


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