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RM9 Eat All You Can Durian Buffet @ 6363 Durian, Kepong


*** Update: Please refer to SK6363’s latest durian buffet offering here ***


This is the first time I see an eat-all-you-can durian buffet being promoted in Kepong. So I figured why not give it a try since it is only RM9 per person, which is the same as those in SS2. The stall is called 6363 and it is located at the famous durian street in Kepong Baru.

durian buffet Durian-Kampung

durian buffet Durian

Kepong-durian buffet

For RM9 and eat-all-you-can, you can only expect sweet durian kampung to be served. But the good thing is that water and tissue are provided free of charge and the durians we got were mostly decent.
Nothing was too bad and even if there was one that did not taste good, you could reject it and they will replace it with another fruit. And unlike the PJ stalls where the workers always open one big durian and shove it on your table, 6363’s workers have the courtesy to at least ask first.

Cheap durian buffet

I think the two of us ate close to five or six durians and felt the experience was worth the RM18 spent. We could have had more but opted to stop because we were worried of getting sick from having too much – even more with the hot and dry weather recently.


And if you are wondering, it’s RM25/kg for the Musang King here. I bought 3.8kg of it last weekend and cost me RM95. It was pricey alright but also very delicious.


Durian Buffet @ 6363 Durian Stall

Jalan Mergastua (Durian Street)
52100 Kepong Baru
GPS Coordinates: N03 12.263 E101 38.591

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