RM16 Eat All You Can D24 Durian Buffet @ SK 6363, Kepong Baru

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** Due to the unexpected overwhelming response, I suggest you guys to call ahead to check for availability first. Some are saying they don’t offer it anymore, some are saying it’s still available. I have no idea. **

SK6363 Kepong Durian Stall

A few years ago I blogged about SK 6363’s durian buffet. That time, it was going for RM9/pax and only durian kampung was served. Now, they have upped the ante by offering eat-all-you-can D24 durian buffet for RM16/pax.

Eat All You Can D24 Durian Buffet

Is it worth the money? Well, just think about this. One kg of D24 now is probably going for RM16-RM19 per kg depending on the quality. So buying 1 decent sized D24 alone would cost you around RM20 – that itself is already more expensive than the buffet!

Kepong Durian Buffet

D24 Buffet Durian Kepong

However, don’t expect the durian served in the buffet to have the exact quality like those sold off-rack. I seriously hope you guys are not so naive into thinking that they’d be serving you grade AA, old tree, high mountain or super D24. OK? And since we were the first few to arrive, the workers were really free so they obliged my request to arrange the durian pulps nicely.
So if you do not get your durians as shown in the photos, PLEASE don’t complain. For those who want the durians to be served like this for photography or Instagram purpose, simply come earlier before the crowd swells. Asking nicely definitely helps too.

Durian Buffet Kepong

Now about the durians, I have to say they exceeded my initial expectations. I knew at least they won’t disappoint since it’s D24, and as lousy as D24 goes it’s still better than a lot of durian kampung.
What we had that day tasted A LOT better than what you could get from the random dodgy durian vendors. It was a mix of excellent (20%), good (60%) and OK (20%) quality and the overall experience was more than satisfying for a buffet.

D24 Durian Buffet Kepong

As far as I know this is the only durian buffet in town and it’s bang for your bucks at only RM16/pax. All of us who came for it went home happy and I hope you will feel the same too.

SK6363 Durian Stall Kepong Baru

From what I was told, the buffet will be available daily until the durian season ends, or when the price soars too high – whichever comes first. Lastly, ignore the pricing on the banner as it’s obviously an old one.

p/s: If you have the slightest feeling that any of my posts are dishonest, feel free to ignore them. Take Chen Brothers for example, I have always bought from them with my own money and none of the durians were ever sponsored. Do you think with their fame and success they even need my help to promote for them?

Opening Durian For Buffet

I was simply recommending them out of courtesy in case any of you have trouble looking for a reliable durian stall. Always exercise common sense and rights as a consumer.
If you feel that you have been duped because the durians are not up to your standard, then ask for exchange or refund. If you are buying in large amount then at least try the durian first before you pay!


Jalan Mergastua (Durian Street)
52100 Kepong Baru
GPS Coordinates: N03 12.263 E101 38.591
Tel: 012-2286 239 (May Chan)
Business hours: 1pm till finish (~10pm), buffet starts at 2.30pm on weekdays, 5pm on weekends

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