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Eat Well – Simply Tastes Good @ Puchong


If given a choice, of course everyone wants to eat healthy. But we are so busy making a living that cooking has become a chore, so most of us choose to eat out. Each individual has their own definition of healthy food but it’s usually salad which is not filling and comes with sugar-laden dressing.
Let’s face it. How often have you tried switching to eating oats or salad for dinner just to find yourself having a supper later? Cannot tahan right? Been there done that!


Maybe, it’s better to make slow changes. Instead of switching your diet drastically, opt for meals that are prepared fresh, has low sugar, less salt and MSG, and more importantly void of artificial flavorings. So you can still continue to enjoy your favorite food like curry and fried chicken.
For those who are looking for healthier local Malaysian food that actually taste good, affordable, filling and more importantly, won’t drive you nuts – check out Eat Well Restaurant in Puchong.


Their meals are designed to include protein, carbs and bigger portions of greens compared to the usual places. Plenty of different single serving rice, noodle, soup and snacks for sharing are offered on the menu so variety is a certainty every time you come here.


As plain as it looks, the Dry Noodles with BBQ Chicken @ RM13.80 was unexpectedly delicious. Homemade pan mee is used and the texture really shone through. And although I have never been a fan of chicken char siew, I have to say this was expertly prepared. Tender, flavorful with the right mix of sweet and savory.


For something more tantalizing, you won’t go wrong with the Rice with Tomyam Seafood & Ladies’ Fingers @ RM16.80. They are quite generous with the amount of seafood given but more importantly, they taste really fresh (prawn tails came off whole effortlessly) and well cooked. The squids were soft while the sea prawns were firm and succulent.


If you are not in the mood for tomyam, the chicken curry (ala carte RM8.80) is equally good. It had a homely taste that appeals to everyone regardless of age.


When done right, Pork Belly with Yam (Rice with Kau Yoke & Mixed Vegetables @ RM16.80) is the ultimate Hakka comfort food. Eat Well uses a more premium cut of pork belly in their rendition which lets you savor an even layer of fat and meat in every bite.
It also didn’t taste as rich and salty as what you would normally get, which might be a good or bad thing depending on your individual preference.


The Rice with Satay Pork & Acar @ RM15.80 is one of the more unusual dishes here. When it arrived, I thought the lean pork slices were going to be tough but gladly, that wasn’t the case.
I wouldn’t go as far as saying that they were juicy, but they were tender alright. The marinade penetrated all sides of the meat really well so they did not have to rely on the satay sauce for flavor.


A couple of side orders perfect for sharing include Fried Crab Meat & Pork Roll @ RM9.80, Homestyle Otak (filled with slices of ‘Ma Yau’ fish) @ RM12.80 and Fried Pork Ball @ RM8.80.
All of them are prepared Northern Malayia style according to a family recipe. I especially liked the creamy otak-otak, as it closely resembles those you would find in Penang.



Fruit juices here are made with no extra sugar and ice. They are available in mixed flavors as well at RM9.90 each as various boosters. A couple of ice blended soya drinks are worth checking out too such as the Soya Cendol and Soya Redbean, both at RM6.90.


Eat Well – Simply Tastes Good

0, Jalan Puteri 1/4, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong
Tel: 03-8052 0661
Hours: 10am – 9pm

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