Eden Dim Sum City Restaurant @ Bandar Menjalara

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Eden Dim Sum City restaurant in Bandar Menjalara is a popular place to go for good dim sum in Kepong. I stumbled upon this dim sum restaurant one day when I was driving aimlessly looking for a place to have breakfast. The large crowd even well after breakfast time was an indication that Eden should be pretty good.

dim sum

It was one of the most expensive dim sum breakfast I ever had – RM30. My own mistake actually, I didn’t ask for the price before taking all the expensive stuff, lol.

prawn siu mai

The dim sum at Eden are either placed inside the bamboo basket or on a small plate. Those in baskets are higher classed ones with more and extravagant ingredients like abalone, scallops and clams. Therefore they are more expensive, RM6-7 depending on the dim sum you choose.
Well, if I knew the price earlier I wouldn’t have taken so many baskets lol. But at least the dim sum is quite special and most of them are new to me like this one – four medium sized prawns stacked on each other, delicious.

scallop dim sum

Another expensive dim sum, topped with scallop. Taste wise was so so because the scallop was kinda rubbery.

abalone dim sum

This one is nice – mini abalone, prawn and meat wrapped in a thin translucent har gao skin. I probably won’t order it again because its price but it was a damn good try, abalone leh!

har gao

Moving along to the normal stuff @ RM3 per plate lol. Har gao and mini egg tarts, both also very tasty.

fried prawn rolls

Deep fried bean curd skin rolls with prawn fillings.

siu mai
char siu sou

Char Siu Sou was so so. The puff pastry was nice and crispy but the char siu fillings tasted a bit weird.

eden sim sum city

Most of the waiters at Eden are teenagers and they are an energetic and friendly bunch. Food and quality wise it is one of the better ones out there, price is reasonable too considering it’s in KL. Just remember the dim sum in baskets are double the price of the normal ones ok.

Location: Menjalara Business Centre, opposite Plaza Menjalara
map: Wikimapia

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