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Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas


Edo Ichi is the only Japanese restaurant at Solaris Dutamas. We have been shunning it because their prices seem to be on the side. But when the fish & chip restaurant we were supposed to try has closed down for good, Edo Ichi was left as the viable option.
Although we love The Pink Sage and would not have second thoughts of having our lunch there again, our initial purpose was to try something new. Besides, with the exception of Edo Ichi, the other restaurants in this vicinity simply do not spur our interest into trying them out.


Unagi Kabayaki Set @ RM32 – a standard affair but the ordinary looking chawanmushi managed to outshine the main dish. The portion is slightly smaller than what you would get from other places, more suitable for ladies I guess.


You could choose to add on sashimi, sushi or tempura at RM8 each for any set lunch ordered. Ignore the others and get the sashimi (only limited to salmon) because it is the best in terms of value.
Even though the waitress told us in prior to ordering that the sashimi portion would be small and I had already expected the worst (thin, tiny slices) I was pleasantly surprised by the decent portion. They do not compromise on the quality too just because it is an add on, as the sashimi was fresh and succulent.


Una Cheese Roll @ RM28 is the signature sushi roll here. Honestly, it tastes not much different from the sushi rolls made with similar ingredients in the other Japanese restaurants. The cheese flavor is quite strong and overpowered the thinly sliced unagi so most of the time I felt like I am just eating cheese and rice.


Nameko Yakimeshi (Mushroom Fried Rice) @ RM10, not bad but a bit light in flavor. A dash of soy sauce seems to do the trick.


Despite being pricier than the average Japanese restaurant and the food is just standard fare, the meal is still a satisfying one overall. So I really think the add on salmon sashimi saved the day lol. And like many other Japanese restaurants, Edo Ichi has also stopped importing food from Japan since the wake of radiation leaks. FYI Edo Ichi has another branch in Penang too at Island Plaza.

Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant
A4-G1-1, Solaris Dutamas,
No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 KL
GPS Coordinates: N3 10.239 E101 39.928
Tel: 03-62055228

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