Egg Tarts @ Nam Heong 南香茶餐室, Ipoh

Nam Heong Ipoh Egg Tarts
Nam Heong Ipoh Egg Tarts

Can’t believe it had been 10 years since the first time I came to Nam Heong. The coffee shop is busy as usual and customers still come for their freshly baked egg tarts, dim sum, white coffee and char koay teow.

Nam Heong Freshly Baked Egg Tarts
Nam Heong Egg Tarts Ipoh

Although Nam Heong has a number of outlets in shopping malls across Klang Valley, I haven’t been to any of them. So I wouldn’t know how the egg tarts match up against the original ones in Ipoh. But I am willing to bet they taste better here.

Nam Heong Egg Tart with White Coffee
Nam Heong Egg Tarts
Ipoh White Coffee

Usually there’s a long wait for the freshly baked egg tarts, but we were lucky to able to get our hands on them within minutes. Nam Heong’s egg tarts are actually as good as what you get at Hong Kee and their main difference lies in the tart shell.
As you can see Nam Heong’s egg tart crust is layered which contributes to that crispy and satisfying bite. It’s also a good idea to enjoy the tarts as soon as possible while they are still warm. Those that we took away and ate later that night just didn’t taste quite as awesome.

Nam Heong White Coffee Shop Ipoh

While we were here I looked up the comments online and some of them thought the quality of the white coffee here had dropped. To be honest, they tasted fine to me. I think the hot version should be ordered to fully appreciate the rich flavor.

Nam Heong White Coffee Ipoh

Nam Heong Coffee Shop 南香茶餐室

2, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh
Business hours: 6am – 6pm

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