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Eminent Frog Porridge @ Geylang Lorong 19, Singapore


For some people frogs are considered an exotic food. They don’t look exactly cute nor tasty to begin with lol, and heck do they give you the creeps when they hop towards your direction – especially those tiny ones.
But I grown up chasing and playing with them in my house’s backyard, and my father used to take away Kung Pao Frog Legs from restaurants as additional dish when we had dinner. Suffice to say it has became one of our favorite dishes.


So when I knew that Frog Leg Porridge is a popular food in Singapore, I thought to myself it wasn’t really that special since I had it since small, just that I never had it with porridge before that’s all. But one day we went to Geylang in the afternoon for food hunt and what a bad decision! Most of the restaurants and stalls were closed and would only open during evening.
And it so happened that Eminent Frog Porridge was near to us at that time, and they also had the earliest opening hours at 5pm. So you can say that we settled to eat at Eminent simply because we were out of options.


We were pleasantly surprised to know that Eminent was having ‘buy 2 get 1 free‘ for $16 and ‘buy 3 get 1 free‘ for $22 promotions. Because 1 frog already cost $8, it is only logical you order more than that to enjoy the worthy promotion. We ordered a small porridge @ $2 and 2 claypots of frogs @ $32 cooked in dried chili and spring onion styles.


Honestly, I did not harbor too high expectations from the moment we sat down. We didn’t even know if Eminent was good. But it didn’t take us long to change our minds because the combination of porridge and claypot frog was delicious! The porridge had a nice thick consistency but tasteless. So it had to depend on the cooked frogs for flavor, which they delivered well especially the Kung Pao one.


Eminent’s Kung Pao Frog was quite different from the ones I usually have in Malaysia. It was prepared with more gravy and a lot of bird’s eye chili and dried chili, which gave the dish a whole lot spicier and hotter taste. This made us sweat like mad lol.
The frogs used though not particularly big, were quite meaty and packed the most smooth, tender and succulent flesh ever. This alone is a reason good enough for you to try frogs if you haven’t before. Last I checked 3 weeks ago, the ‘buy 2 free 1’ promotion was still on.


323 Geylang Road (Lorong 19)
Singapore 389359
Open from 4pm to 4am
GPS Coordinates: N1 18.760 E103 52.759

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