Epic Fit Meals Company @ Damansara Perdana, PJ

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Epic Fit Meals Co is not your average meal delivery service. Instead of having a fixed weekly menu and taking pre-orders, everything you see on their current menu can be ordered at any time of the day simply because they prepare the meals from scratch.
Extensive research has been done to develop their current menu, in which the food not only has to taste good, it has to withstand delivery as well. Coupled with an affordable pricing and free delivery (selected areas only) there’s no reason not to give them a try – I did and am already anxiously waiting for them to expand their delivery service to Kepong.


For those who constantly keep a watch on their calorie intake, you’d be pleased to know that Epic Fit Meals also includes this information on the menu. So, you could plan your meal orders better – whether it’s for dinner or late night snack. Meal customization is also one of their selling points, since you can configure an Epic Chicken combo starting from RM15.80 that comes with two sides.
We tried the grilled chicken with Eziki (a homemade Greek inspired Tzatziki sauce with chopped cucumbers) that’s deliciously tangy, refreshing and soothing. The flame-grilled chicken breast was moist and tender too and we really enjoyed the excellent seasoning made from a clever blend of herbs and spices.


As for the sides, you have two types to choose from: normal (RM4.80 ala carte) and epic (RM5.80 ala carte) Depending on the combo you pick, your meal could come with either 2 normal sides, or 1 normal + 1 epic side. And there are more than a dozen of them available.
Among all, we felt the Cauli-Rice was the most unique one because it actually does not contain any rice, but it’s minced into rice-size bits to simulate a rice-like texture. The flavour is unmistakably cauliflower with a whiff of herbs. The Irish Colcannon is a traditional dish of mashed potatoes with cabbage and leek that’s light in flavour but has a mix of creamy and chunky taste.
What we really loved, however, was the Fire Chookies (Epic Fit Meals Co’s answer to the nugget) that’s simply a bang for your buck for its portion size. Made with 100% chicken breast with no other fillers, these bite-sized chookies are baked (not fried!) to a crisp on the outside yet moist and tender inside. And there’s hardly any trace of oil aside from what was oozed from the chicken’s natural fat. This is the perfect snack for those who want a guilt-free yet delicious snack.


Wraps are also available on the menu and there’s no lack of choice for it either. There are seven of them with each being unique on its own varying in meat type and flavours. We tried the Zesty Thai @ RM12.80, it was filled with Thai infused minced chicken, crunchy lettuce and carrot and their very own homemade sour cream. I thought this was flavoursome with a nice spicy touch and you could certainly taste the lemongrass, but it’s not overpowering at all.


Pizza is also available and man, do they have some ingenious flavours to offer. The Nasi Lemak and 3A (Apple, Ayam, Api) pizzas immediately caught our attention, in which the latter was selected because we felt having apple as a topping is quite original. I mean, none of the mainstream pizza restaurants are doing this.


As you can see, the pizza was loaded with lots of toppings and I am glad that they do not stinge on the ingredients. Taste wise it did not disappoint at all and we loved it. The generous amount of toppings surely helped to provide serious amount of flavours but it also caused the center of the pizza to be slightly soggy. The crust area was crispy and very enjoyable though.


A range of freshly blended juices can be ordered as well together with your meals. These pulpy juices are high in fibre and are actually better for you overall, albeit not as drinkable as those with pure juice (and sugar).


Epic Fit Meals Co is not a delivery-only restaurant. There’s a proper seating area for those who are working nearby and prefer to dine in and enjoy the food as soon as they are prepared.


I think it’s pretty obvious that I liked the food here, so much so that I am kinda sad that they do not deliver to Kepong yet. Just for comparison sake, I ordered a meal for two from Domino’s which cost me RM46++. If I were to order from Epic, it’d cost less because a chicken combo for two is only RM40 nett. Plus, it’s definitely healthier too.

Epic Fit Meals Co. (call for delivery)
E105, Block E, East Wing, Metropolitan Square
Damansara Perdana, 47820 PJ
Tel: 03-7733 3375
Business hours: 11am to 11pm
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