EspresSOUP – Soup in Bread @ Kepong Village Mall


If you frequent shopping malls then you should have noticed EspresSOUP, a kiosk-like restaurant that serves soup in an bowl made of bread. It looked interesting so I gave it a try at the Kepong Village Mall branch last weekend.


Although the soup variety is good they all seem too familiar already. The choices are none other than the usual mushroom, clam chowder, minestrone, pumpkin, tomato, corn and broccoli. Price is RM7.90 a portion if ordered together with the Farmers Bread.


The correct way to enjoy the soup is to cut one of the four corners of the bread and let the soup fill up the plate. Don’t worry the soup will overflow, as the the plate’s design is custom made to ensure that wouldn’t happen. The edible bread-cum-bowl, called Farmers Bread supposingly had its recipe originating from Germany and has a condensed (in order to contain the soup) and slightly chewy texture, definitely more filling than the average white bread.
Now about the taste, lets say I was not disappointed nor particularly impressed. We had the clam chowder soup and felt it was kind of diluted and lacking in the supposingly main ingredient – clam. After tasting the soup together with the bread, I could say I would be ordering the soup alone in my future visits (if any) Personally I feel chewy bread isn’t the best match for any soup.


Besides soup they also serve salad, sandwich and pasta at a reasonable price (RM8.90)


EspresSOUP (Kepong)
Kepong Village Mall
Ground Floor Lot G1
Bandar Manjalara
52200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 11.650 E101 37.989

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  1. Actually I had it several times in Berjaya Times Square a few months ago. I had mushroom and one time Clam Chowder (with no clam too). I guess, the only thing that you can eat among the variety is the mushroom soup which is like Campbell’s and the bread is ok but I had a hard time eating with air conditioning so its ok if you are so hungry for it but not if you’re seeking a food experience since the lack of smell make for a dull tastebud.

  2. Totally agree. I ate there a few weeks ago and, no, not my cup of tea. Also had the clam chowder, nothing compared to the one I get in Bangkok and the soup bowl was horrible – as hard as a rock. Disappointed.


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