Euro Deli Grill & Restaurant @ Damansara Kim, PJ – Yucks

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Contrary to the raving reviews I read on the net about Euro Deli, I am actually very much less enthusiastic about this everything pork restaurant. While the sides that we had (even though only 2) were not bad, they were not outstanding either and the mains were terrible. And because of that Euro Deli is one the worst places I have spent my money on throughout the year of 2011.


Mushroom Soup – passable. It is the watery type that does not have any creaminess to it.


Bacon Pie – the only thing we liked for its nice fragrance and would consider ordering again if we ever return. Fat chance though.


Farmer’s Bratwurst @ RM19 – I was expecting it to be awesome since it is one of their signature dishes but it turned out quite fail. The sausage casing is so thick that it feels like chewing on rubber. And the flat tasting gravy does not help either, as I got really bored of the taste just after a few bites. Compared to the authentic Bratwurst I had when I was touring in Munich and Berlin, this is really bad. I’d rather buy three 1901 hot dogs with the same price paid. If there’s any saving grace to this, it would only be the mashed potato which tasted a whole lot better.


As for the BBQ Pork Ribs (also proudly listed as their signature dish) @ RM33.90, it is the worst pork ribs I had in my life, bar none. The cut is horrendous, meat is tough and chewy and the sauce’s taste is just wrong on so many levels.


Now if there’s only a way I could erase this meal from my memory. Yucks, what a nightmare.

Euro Deli Grill & Restaurant
41, Jalan SS 20/11,
Damansara Kim, 47400
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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