Eyuzu Japanese Restaurant Buffet RM82++ @ Eastin Hotel

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Just for your information, Eyuzu Japanese Restaurant at Eastin Hotel PJ has no relation with Yuzu at The Gardens. They might have a very smilar name and logo but I was told they are actually under different company and management.
But if you tried Yuzu’s food before and expect the same quality at Eyuzu and vice versa, let me just say you won’t be disappointed. I was researching for a good pure Japanese buffet restaurant and Eyuzu fell into the radar. Eyuzu has not been extensively blogged but most reviews were positive, which was a good indication for starters.


Eyuzu’s Shumatsu (Weekend) Japanese Buffet Dinner is priced at RM82++ for adult and RM41++ for child. If you are dining in a group of four on Sunday, one person will get to dine for free thus reducing the price to RM61.5++ per pax. With this, Eyuzu is essentially one of the more affordable Japanese buffet in town that is also better in terms of quality. However, if you are expecting lots of food selection like those in Tenji or Jogoya then Eyuzu is not for you, as they are sticking to serving only Japanese dishes.


Each diner is given a Dobun Mushi (Japanese tea pot soup)


The broth is prepared with seafood and had a light flavor, just nice to cleanse your palate before the meal begins.


The boiled shrimp is fresh but kinda tasteless. Seafood salad is worth getting because they actually mix it with thick salmon slices.


The potato salad here is pleasantly memorable for being creamy, smooth and delectable. Usually I would overlook these seemingly insignificant dishes, especially when they are served in small cups like this.



The sashimi here is fresh and the selection is good, exactly like what was mentioned in the online reviews. They are not the freshest I have ever tasted but could certainly give a run for their money to all the other more popular Japanese buffet restaurants.


Unagi is delightfully delicious and the best thing is they are already in the buffet line. This is just great compared to some ala carte buffets that tend to serve tiny portions for every order. Gorge yourself silly if you’re die hard Unagi lover.


Although not required, I feel it is better to order the tempura on your own by telling the cook how many prawns/fish/vege you want. This way you will always get them freshly fried and warm.


Cheese baked oysters and mussels that are rarely served in buffet are available here. Also here are some crispy fried chicken strips with cheese and mayonaise topping and yakitori, which tasted rather dry.


There were five types of meat and seafood you could choose from for the Teppanyaki: salmon, squid, beef, chicken and fish. Other than the beef that was rather chewy the rest was quite good.


Despite having generous filling the Chawanmushi was kind of bland tasting. Munakata and Komura are much better in this department.


Sharks fin soup that did not have much sharks fin. You could easily find better ones at any Chinese restaurant but that wouldn’t be a fair comparison now, would it?


Other grilled seafood: salmon head, salmon and shishamo fish.



Some desserts, the ice kacang is self made using a ice shaver machine nearby. And now some other photos taken at the buffet line:




As far as Japanese buffet goes, Eyuzu could still be considered a hidden gem on the net because not many ‘high profile bloggers’ have given it a mention yet. For me, just the fresh cut sashimi, sushi and Unagi alone were enough reasons for me to recommend it. The other dishes, though not spectacular, are only minor issues that won’t really affect the overall dining experience.

Eyuzu Japanese Restaurant
Eastin Hotel
13 Jalan 16/11,
Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16,
46350 PJ
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.593 E101 38.688
Tel: 03-7628 7368

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