F4 Fish Head Restaurant @ USJ, Subang Jaya


Now, before you get the idea that this fish head curry restaurant belongs to the now-defunct Taiwanese boy band F4, let me just tell you they are not the owners. In fact, this popular restaurant used to operate at Chan Sao Lin before moving to Subang Jaya – not sure how long ago though. Like many of you I am also baffled at the name choice of “F4” but I think we could all agree it is rather catchy and easy to remember lol. Like Brother Yat, F4 Fish Head Restaurant is pretty hidden within the Subang Jaya Industries Park, one of the least places you would expect to find good food.


Also, this is the place you would want to come as early as possible especially during weekends, as you can see the crowd could get really crazy even they are almost as big as a multipurpose hall.. Service during peak hour is not an issue because they are quite efficient, but finding any free tables could be a problem.


F4 has other styles of preparing the fish head like cook with asam or steaming but lets just focus on their signature style – curry. A recommended portion for three is RM24, which I believe is the smallest possible order and comes with a whole fish head of the day. For that kind of pricing I wouldn’t call it cheap but at least you get what you paid for, just the smooth and tender meat from the fish head part only.


Compared to my other favorite – Delicious Fish Head Curry at Kepong, F4’s curry gravy is not as thick and the spiciness is much milder. Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining about F4 because they are actually very good, just that I prefer my curry to be really spicy with that extra kick.


They are generous with the okra, long beans and tofu pok too – a great accompaniment to rice together with the appetizing curry.


Many other dishes are available here but we didn’t really bother because our main purpose is to try the Fish Head Curry only.


If you are keen on trying F4 (if you haven’t yet) it is advisable to come at night when the more experienced chefs are cooking. As much as I like to eat here more often, the location is a huge drawback for me. It just feels very far no matter where you come from and the roads’ condition is damn poor. Driving here is never an enjoyable thing to do.

F4 Fish Head Restaurant (next to USJ Badminton Hall)
Lot 776, Sub lot 3,
Jalan Subang 4,
Subang Jaya Industries Park,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
GPS Coordinates: N3 02.795 E101 35.845
Tel: 012-325 9111

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