Faces Steak Garden


If you happen to be in Tanjung Tokong area and want to have some cheap Western food, Faces Steak Garden is not a bad choice. There are quite a selection of food and the prices range from RM7.90 to RM17.90 at most. The restaurant’s lighting is minimal so the photos may appear blurry and do not look as good as it should be.

large orange juice

If you are having the meal with your partner I would recommend ordering the fruit juice at large size @RM5.50. It is definitely more than enough for two and more worthy compared to the normal size @RM3.50. The large cup is at least triple the size of a normal cup. We also felt we made the right choice hehe.

jaffa's toast

Jaffa’s Toast is the most expensive sandwich available for RM7.20. It is basically sandwiched pineapple bits, tuna, onions and some mayonnaise toasted using a sandwich maker. They taste good and can be treated as the main course due to its serving size.

mushroom soup

Mushroom Soup with toasted garlic bread @ RM4.50. OK only, and we found something “extra” in the soup.. a fallen tree leaf zzz. Also, it was quite laden with black pepper.. that’s the main reason I didn’t really like it.

mushroom chicken chop

This was my main course that night, Mushroom Chicken Chop @ RM7.90. In Faces, most of the main courses here use black pepper sauce as the gravy. If you are a black pepper lover you will like it here. Anyway I like the mushroom sauce but the chicken was a bit soggy.. maybe it was not prepared upon order.

garlic chicken chop

Siang Leng had Garlic Chicken Chop @ Rm7.90, which I actually felt was nicer than the mushroom one. Although the food here are not that fantastic, they are very affordable. Where else in Penang you can get a mixed grill of lamb, beef, chicken and seafood for less than 18 bucks? Faces Steak Garden is located right next to Hot Wok Nyonya cuisine restaurant along Jalan Tanjung Tokong, opposite the Caltex petrol station. There is live singing performance which starts around 8.30pm. And yeah sings well.

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  1. Mahal la…My chicken chop RM6 oni wor. Just did a review for Fettes Park Western Food. And the most expensive club sandwich is served at Mizi Bistro RM12.90 =.=” but nice as like wat you said can be a main course itself. lolz… seems like western food is becoming the ‘in’ thing for Penang Floggers XD

  2. I think the most expensive ever sandwich is the one in KLCC. I am not very sure what is the name, but it’s located in the middle of the food court on the 3rd floor. :)

  3. ewwwrrr… I don’t recomend this place for dinner.
    The environment is nice. However, not the food. No doubt the Ice Lemon Tea is in giant size but not the Chicken Chop and Tomato Soup. The gravy is so sweet like tasting condense milk

  4. I used to visit there, for once only. The environment is nice, the food is cheap, and the portion is seriously huge, but the taste just isn’t good enough.. (the price is really really cheap!!)

  5. The western food ok lah …… but i prefer the food in Hot Wok tumis fish, perut ikan n etc not the hokkien mee, its lousy n served with xtra big fly in damn.

  6. I had my dinner there b4 , not to my liking, environment is nice, but not the food. :(

    vk: Yeah, the food is not really great actually, just cheaper.

  7. Faces is Faces… we’ve all been there at one time or another… it’s reasonably priced, caters to teenagers, and portions are huge…

    as many of you know, the food wasn’t that good in the past, but take note that recently their food has improved, with new items added to the menu…

    am very pleased with the size of the large fruit juice, and enjoy and environment very much… am also very happy that parking there is free…

  8. faces has improved alot.
    surprisingly I am one of the regular customer for them now.
    cheap food and the taste is great !
    good job !!

  9. yaya..那边的食物改善了也好吃了!!我很喜欢和朋友去那边聚会!!

  10. i have been enjoy my valentine dinner at there. The environment was nice. but the food too expensive not taste. specially the service from the waiters so suck. if u going to celebrate ur special day better no go, coz it will be spoit by the waiters service.
    so suck

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