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Famous Hakka Hot Plate Pancakes @ Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh


Sungai Buloh is not only well known for their specialty restaurants. You could also find a rare and traditional Hakka pancake at the new village area. The stall has been around for more than 30 years and their business has bloomed recently thanks to more media coverage.


There are so many names given to this pancake in Chinese like 烧饼 (biscuit), 慢煎糕 (pancake), 客家包 (Hakka bun), 铁板包 (hot pan pancake) so I don’t really know the which is the appropriate one. But since the stall owner chose the last one then I would just refer accordingly. The pancakes are priced at RM0.80 a piece, and are actually soft and slightly chewy. They come with three types of fillings too: peanut, coconut and red bean.


When you are here, be prepared to queue because no one would buy in small quantities. Plus, the iron pan used is not big so the production won’t be quick. Personally, I prefer the red bean variant the most because it almost feels like eating mooncake. Peanut’s not bad too but the filling is just too thin to taste. Lastly, the coconut one is catered towards people who prefer the not-so-sweet and traditional flavor.


The pastries are originally ball shaped and flattened out. Before going on the hot pan the excess flour is brushed off their surface and given a mark according to their fillings.


It would take about two to three minutes for the pancakes to cook on each sides until they are browned. Constant flipping is required to ensure they don’t get burnt, as the pan is really hot even though it doesn’t feel like it.


It is also worth mentioning that no oil was used on the pan, making this basically an oil free snack. They make good alternatives for cheap breakfast and tea break. If stored properly, they could stay fresh for at least a good three days.


The only time any oil was used based on my observation was during the packaging, where a light brush of oil is applied on the top to prevent the pancakes from sticking together.


Honestly if you ask me, I don’t think you should purposely take a trip to Sungai Buloh just to try these pancakes. However unique and seemingly cheap they are, the fact is they won’t be worth the long distance traveled and waiting time you have to endure. And did I mention that Sungai Buloh’s new village’s planning is very bad? The maze like roads could be a real headache for those who are first timers here.
But if you happen to be in town (like me, who was there the same day for lunch) then by all means, give it a try because as far as I know, there isn’t anywhere else you could get this snack outside Sungai Buloh.

Famous Sungai Buloh Hot Plate Pancakes
345, Jalan Besar Sungai Buloh,
47000 Selangor.
GPS Coordinates: N3 11.799 E101 34.045
From 11am till finish, off days not fixed

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  1. My absolute favourite snack, especially the coconut fillings. My mother work around the area. So sometimes she will bring home some of the hot pancakes :D

  2. This cakes look like the ones they sell in night markets. Though they call them Chinese Burgers or something.

    Wouldn’t go out of the way for these, but the notion of pan-frying these without a droplet of oil kind of made it interesting.

  3. Thanks for this post..!! I’ve moved out from kepong for around 10 years and I’ve been looking for this since my dad doesn’t know remember where it is anymore..

  4. I remember eating these when I was younger in a SS2 Pasar Malam….but that one had chicken floss filling…never seen it since and I miss it!


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