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Famous Hakka Mee @ Hugh Low Street, Ipoh


I first discovered Hakka Mee as a teenager at Petaling Street more than ten years ago. That time, its unique savoury flavor struck my palate because we never had this kind of noodle in Penang. Since then, I have been hooked to it.
I used to enjoy one Hakka Mee in Kajang (now closed or shifted else where) where the noodles was made using spinach and boy, was it delicious. Then I travelled down to Seremban where Hakka Mee is said to originate from but found that it was only decent at best.


Ipoh is also famous for Hakka Mee and typically served along with Yong Tau Fu like a combo meal. During my last trip to Ipoh I tried the Hakka Mee (supposingly to be popular with the locals) at Paris Restaurant, Hugh Low Street located just a stone’s throw away from Guan Heong.

Hugh Low Street Hakka Mee Price-List

By the way, just to be clear I did not claim this stall to be famous, the owners themselves have a hanging signboard that says so.

Hugh Low Street Hakka Mee

Noodles wise it is very similar to those in Seremban and even the minced meat toppings looks almost the same. I have no complaints on the noodles’ texture as it is springy and wriggly as expected. But taste wise I can’t help but feel there is something missing here, perhaps it was lacking the fragrance of lard.

Hugh Low Street Hakka Mee Yong-Tau-Fu

Hugh Low Street Hakka Mee Chilli-Sauce

The Yong Tau Fu portion shown here is for two and it consists of the ever familiar items such as fish ball, stuffed tofu and pork meat balls. One particular YTF that stood out was the fried meat balls that have a hint of salted fish. All of them are alright if eaten on their own, but you should really dip them in the homemade chilli sauce. It really made a difference and enhanced the overall experience.

Hugh Low Street Hakka Mee Stall

Hugh Low Street Hakka Mee sign


Famous Hakka Mee @ Paris Reetaurant
164 Jalan Sultan Iskandar
30000 Ipoh
GPS Coordinates: N4 35.599 E101 05.038
Business hours: Early morning till lunch or finish

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