Famous Hon Kee Porridge @ Petaling Street


I am not a big fan of porridge. Really. I have always considered porridge boring, tasteless and something which I’d only eat when I am sick. Some sort of a food therapy for the unwell. But, a porridge stall off Petaling Street managed to change my perception towards porridge, which is Famous Hon Kee Porridge 汉记靓粥. It has been around for decades and had garnered good reviews from food bloggers in the past. Now, it includes me.

minced pork porridge

I had a bowl of minced meat porridge with century egg, which is also known as ‘Pei Dan Sau Yuk Zhuk’ in Cantonese. The ginger adds a touch of spice while the chives add some sweetness and pleasantness to the porridge. And of course, you can’t go wrong enjoying porridge with yau zhar guai. Simply one of the best combinations!

century egg minced pork porridge

For me, a good bowl of porridge must have the gluey and thick texture. It must not be too watery and the rice must be neither too soft nor hard. It’s obvious Hon Kee has managed to perfect the way of cooking porridge, just from the looks of it. The flavor packed minced meat is made from pork and moulded into round shapes, to liven up the dish.

fish porridge

For Sang Yu Zhuk (raw fish porridge), the raw fish slices come in a separate plate topped with parsley. As soon as they are added into the hot porridge, they are cooked instantly. This is brilliant as cooking a big pot of fish porridge would cause the fish meat to overcook and crumble. And by adding them fresh you get the best flavor too. Although both taste great, the fish porridge is the nicer one.

hon kee famous porridge

The easiest way to find Hon Kee is to look for Hong Leong Bank in Petaling Street. Hon Kee is directly opposite the bank. Come early! Or end up standing at the side waiting for seats. If you happen to take a bus from Pudu bus station in the morning, do try the porridge here for breakfast. Highly recommended.

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  1. Those photos make me hungry :) … Hope to find something like that in my place.

    vk: Hi jenifer, I am sure you could find congee/porridge easily in your place. You can even cook it yourself :) BTW, I am very sorry I accidentally deleted 3 of your comments.. they landed in my akismet spams and I hit the “delete all” button..

  2. Goodness those look good. I adore rice porridge but no one else in my house does. That’s fine, it means more for me! I like putting pork mince and fresh scallions. Total comfort food and I like a quick bowl for breakfast. I haven’t done that for a long time though.

  3. I love the fish porridge the most.. Not only that it tastes good, the price is reasonable.. :) It surely is a better idea to start off your day with a good bowl of porridge.. It is a MUST TRY item!

  4. Haha, i had a chance to try it last week when i travel to KL. I arrive Pudu at 6.30am and direct go and try the porridge at 汉记靓粥. My Bf and I order a bowl of minced meat porridge with century egg皮蛋豬肉丸粥and 2 cups of 涼茶, total RM7.50. I feel quite worth as I get a bowl of 豬肉丸粥at alor star (my hometown) already RM4.00 and which i eat at Alor Star is smaller than I ate at 汉记. The 豬肉丸 really taste good, and I will go there again when I travel to KL.

    p/s: Last year I had try a stall of porridge near 汉记, if not mistaken is opposite 我來也肉乾. The porridge taste good too and just cost RM1.20 per bowl. A lot of ingredients in it, like dry oyster, peanuts…..Besides porridge, the stall also provide fried mee and so on….. I recommend that stall too, if you don’t wish to spend much for your breakfast…hehe

  5. I didnt know this stall became so “famous” already. :D Their stall used to be so small and crampy. :) Thanks for the updates.

  6. From the pic, it already shows the delicious-ness of the porridge. Hope to eat it someday. :3 Chicken Porridge etc is my fav

    vk: You will love it! This is the only porridge I can say I like!

  7. Famous Hon Kee Porridge…

    I am not a big fan of porridge. Really. I have always considered porridge boring, tasteless and something which I’d only eat when I am sick. Some sort of a food therapy for the unwell. But, a porridge stall off Petaling Street mana…


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