Char Siew @ Famous Seremban Favorites Restaurant, Sunway Mas PJ


Very non-halal post ahead yo! Ever since I was allocated to work in a project at Subang Jaya I have been doing some food exploration in the area nearby. Char Siew (BBQ roasted pork) happens to be one of the prominent food there. For example, Meng Kee and Spring Garden at Shah Alam and the one I am currently posting – Famous Seremban Favorites Restaurant at Sunway Mas, Petaling Jaya. Oh my I think I am the slowest to blog about this place, epic fail lol.


A person’s portion of Char Siew cost RM4 and you can choose the type of meat you want: lean, ‘pun fei sao’ (half lean half fatty) and fatty ones too maybe? I dare to say that most of the time we’re consuming Char Siew, it’s either when we are having Wantan Mee or Roasted Pork Rice.
And for me, my mom used to buy Char Siew from the morning market as a supplementary dish every Sunday. My impression towards Char Siew was lean, tough and requires a lot of chewing, until I tried Famous Seremban Favorites’. It was so good it totally changed my perception towards Char Siew and I am actually actively hunting for it nowadays.


I feel the perfect cut for Char Siew would be ‘pun fei sao’ ones (too bad for the weight watchers and dieters) with layers of sweet, soft juicy fat that melts in your mouth. I am not exaggerating here, the meat really dissolves just by moving it around in your mouth and applying little pressure using the tongue.
The Char Siew already tastes great on its own but feel free to dip them into the Char Siew sauce for a sweeter, enhanced flavor.



Besides BBQ pork and roasted meat rice, they also have a couple of other dishes available like Wantan Mee, Hakka Mee, Dumplings (Sui Kao), meat balls and many more. I didn’t try the Wantan Mee but two of my friends who tried it said it was good. But the Char Siew given in the noodles tasted normal only, totally no fight compared to those ordered individually.


I had the Hakka Mee twice, and both times I felt it was a little bland and had to add some light soya sauce to it for some extra saltiness. Besides that it was pretty good and I particularly liked the slim noodles’ texture, very Q and slurpy.


The Sui Kao was nothing great but still pretty enjoyable for the huge size and generous filling. Each Sui Kao easily required four to five bites to finish.


If you are spotted photographing the food by the boss, he would come over and ask if you are a blogger and ask your blog address. Based on his facial expression I am damn sure he never heard of my blog before lol.



OK, I know I haven’t blog about Meng Kee’s Char Siew yet but just for your information I already tasted it (Shah Alam branch). And me and all my lunch mates unanimously agree that Famous Seremban Favorites‘ Char Siew is the better one in comparison. I don’t know how it would fare against Spring Garden and the rest but I am really eager to find out. This is kinda exciting lol. Check out Christine’s review for the location map!

Restoran Famous Seremban Favourites
80-1 Ground Floor, Jalan PJU 1/3B
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre
47301 Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.113 E101 35.934

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  1. vk, just wondering whether you are having some high-end compact camera like G10 or sort. :)
    Cause am thinking either to get those or a DSLR. hmmmmm… :P

  2. Ewwwwwwwww look at those oil which flooding around the meats. Thats pure cholestrol. Thats what kills humn fast. They could have at least drained it.

  3. That is uncle Bills shop.
    He has serious Sharinggan skills and managed to copy many of the famous seremban dish almost to 90% of the true taste.

    he said that he only failed in copying the seremban beef noodles.

    neways u should take note that char siew has two kinds that is the wet and the dry one.
    uncle bill has the 3rd best wet char siew. the other top two is some where in Pj and Pudu

    • I tried the one at Shah Alam.. haven’t post yet. It’s not as nice as this Seremban Favorites’. I still need to try the Meng Kee at Jalan Alor before making any conclusions

  4. best char siew in this side of Klang Valley is Meng Kee at Tengkat Tong Shin.
    the chair siew is delicious even it was very tender and succulent, yet carries a hint of swetness at the caramelized outer layer, marvelous.

    • you cOuld get superb charsiew at the new restaurant that was just open at 20 jalan ss2/72 its called toast & roast .They specialise in char siew as well as hakka noodles.Been there few time already and char siew is good as well as the hakka noodle.Accrding to the owner…more dishes will be addded on soon:).

  5. Tried it today, over-rated. They are good but not perfect, they don’t have good chili sauce to go with their char siew and fishballs and where is the garlic for the Hakka mee. Have you tried true Ipoh hakka mee? Yes, the noodle is bland and mince meat is almost tasteless. Hakka mee’s mince meat is not suppose to be like this, I guess Seremban style is different.

  6. Hi, the food pictures taken in good quality. And it is eye tasty, looks very good. Even high in colestrol and will destroy our diet program, but what ever we eat if we work-out to burn the calories/fat our diet program will back in track! Happy eating .


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