Fancy Mee Corner Pan Mee Restaurant @ Desa Setapak, Wangsa Maju

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Fancy Mee Corner at Desa Setapak, Wangsa Maju is a relatively new restaurant that specializes in Pan Mee, dumplings, snacks and homemade drinks. 爱面子 is the restaurant’s name in Chinese, which could be translated to ‘loving noodle and dumplings’. It opened about 6 months ago and promotes a unique home style feel on the second floor’s seating. Despite not being a huge pan mee fan, the cozy environment was attractive enough for me to pay them a visit.


There are roughly twenty snacks to choose from at Fancy Mee Corner. One of them is the Traditional Fried Dumpling @ RM4.20.


There’s nothing fancy about the nice dipping sauce, it’s simply Thai chili sauce with a dollop of mayonnaise at the center.


Fried Pan Mee @ RM2.50 comes in a rather huge serving and it’s a novel dish created by the chef. It tastes like muruku, minus the spiciness. Quite an awesome snack for a cheap price and I gotta applaud the chef’s creativity. Who would have thought deep frying pan mee could be so tasty?
Best of all, the crunchiness was retained nicely even being left on the table for hours. I could see the potential of fried pan mee being developed into a commercial snack.. I bet it will be popular among the younger people.


Two choices of filling are available for the fried wantan: either meat or prawn. We tried both but I decided to only show the fried prawn wantan because they look the same on the outside – just that the prawn version had a more orangish filling. They tasted nice and came with the same Thai chili sauce and mayonnaise condiment. Prawn version cost RM5 while meat one cost RM3.50.


First pan mee to arrive was the Fish Cakes Pan Mee @ RM4.90, which is only available in soup. Like many other pan mee restaurants, you can also choose either thick or thin noodles here. We all know dried anchovies is a traditional ingredient in pan mee but it is substituted with deep fried fish cakes at Fancy Mee Corner. I do welcome this particular change because for me, it worked!


After the fish cakes are soaked for a while in the tasty and sweet soup, they are even nicer to eat with the added flavor. And as far as pan mee goes for me, this is currently my favorite.


The Dried Curry Pan Mee @ RM5.50 was good as well and you gotta love the tender curry chicken pieces! Some fried fish cakes are also sprinkled on top of the noodles.


Minced Pork Pan Mee (Zha Jiang style) @ RM4.90 was prepared with a hint of vinegar, aimed to whet your appetite. A bottle of vinegar is provided on the table for customers to adjust the sourness according to their liking. It is only availabe in dried version and I would recommend this noodle after the very delicious fish cake pan mee.


What’s eating pan mee without the chili flakes, right? Take care though, these are some extremely spicy chili specially prepared by the chef. And if you look carefully, you’d see me taking the chili’s photo seen on the container’s reflection, lol.


The list of drinks at Fancy Mee Corner takes a half page of their menu, so you can imagine the choices. Shown here are Honey Milk Longan, Ice Blended Mocha and at the background: Peach Jasmine Green Tea and Purple Dreamz. Among the four, I liked Honey Milk Longan @ RM3.20 the most.


Categorized under the Special Drink, Purple Dreamz @ RM4.90 is a concoction of purple yam juice, milk tea and red beans. It is a higly recommended beverage by the boss at Fancy Mee Corner.

fancy mee corner

Fancy Mee Corner’s menu

fancy mee corner

This is the unique restaurant decor I have talking about.. looks cozy right?

fancy mee corner

Another view on the second floor’s seating


One of the rooms available for more private dining experience.


If you like pan mee and wanting to try something new, Fancy Mee Corner won’t disappoint. It’s even better for students (especially TAR students, lol) because they get to enjoy 15% discount on the food and beverages (not applicable on weekends and public holidays) Just show your student ID to enjoy the discounts.
And for anyone who celebrates their birthday here, the person would get a free pan mee, a snack and a super huge ice blended drink to be shared among the friends. I got these info from the restaurant’s leaflets.

Fancy Mee Corner Restaurant
15, Jalan 1/27B,
Desa Setapak,
53300, Kuala Lumpur

From Wangsa Maju Putra LRT, take a left turn at the junction and you will arrive at a roundabout. Take the 12 o’clock exit and you will notice the restaurant a couple of shops away from the end on your left.

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