Fatty Crabs @ Taman Seputeh, KL


After an extensive research online, I think the only place where you could get genuinely large mud crabs (think > 1kg each similar to B Lui seafood‘s) in KL would be at Klang. However, Klang is just too far for me and I do believe there are still alternatives around.
So if you know any other seafood restaurants that actually have large crabs, please let me know because my research’s results end up with the already well known places such as Wong Poh. Plus, from my personal experience the crabs they serve are just medium sized at best.

Fatty Crabs Sea-Salt-Baked-Crab

Despite what you may suspect, Fatty Crabs of Taman Seputeh is actually not related to the famous Fatty Crab at Taman Megah. I guess both of them just so happen to share a similar name and specialize in crab dishes as well.
Anyway, looking at the menu they used to have 18 styles of crab but it has been reduced to 10 or so. Besides crabs they also feature a number of other seafood such as clams, fish, squid and prawns. Poultry is also available but you should probably know that Fatty Crabs is a pork free restaurant.

Fatty Crabs Chilli-Crab

Chilli, pepper, sweet and sour and ‘Kam Heong’ crabs are their signature dishes and understandably most popular among the customers too. We wouldn’t want to go against the flow and ordered two styles (chilli and sea salt baked with ‘dong quai’) @ RM58 each. The crabs they use here are imported from Indonesia weighing around 500-650gm.

Fatty Crabs Mantao

I am glad to say both of them are equally delicious but if you prefer something more saucy with a kick, then you’d not go wrong with the chilli crab. Even the always-warm, golden and crispy yet fluffy mantao buns surprisingly taste better than expected. What’s not to like about mopping the savory sauces with these bite sized goodies? Best of all, the buns are provided FOC and you could have them refilled as much as you wish.

Fatty Crabs Tiger-Dragon-Grouper

Apparently they have a separate menu for the dish which is written on a piece of paper. Since the cod was not available we opted for the Tiger Dragon Grouper instead. The flesh is firm and fresh and the sweet soya sauce used is of good quality.

Fatty Crabs Sheong-Thong-La-La

Seong Tong La La @ RM23.80. We expected ‘la la’ instead of ‘kepah’ but it was enjoyable nonetheless. The portion is huge too enough to be shared among at least 4 too.


Lastly, one thing special about Fatty Crabs is that they also provide food delivery which is quite unusual for a seafood restaurant. But considering the restaurant’s secluded location and lack of parking nearby, I wouldn’t be surprised at customers calling up.

Fatty Crabs (pork free, website: http://www.fattycrabs.com)
62-2, Ground Floor, Jalan Bukit Raja
Off Jalan Seputeh, Taman Seputeh
58000 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.208 E101 40.782
Tel toll free: 1300-222-1000 (after 4pm)
Business hours: 4.30pm to 10.30pm

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  1. You want the best Kam Heong crabs there’s only one and only Mei Keng Fatt in Kuala Ampang. However be prepare to pay premium.
    2kgs and beer is all I need when I go there.

  2. hi Vkeong,
    i think u can try Williams crab near to Mines Lake.
    the gravy si slightly sourish but you can ask for for extra spicy. Nice.


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