Fish Head Curry @ Desa Aman Puri, Kepong

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It was a rainy evening, which was also the best time to have something warm and spicy. If it came with soup, that’s even better! So, I searched the Internet for good food around Kepong and I came across this Fish Head Curry stall, Ho-HoBi in Desa Aman Puri. It had good reviews and was also featured in 8TV’s HoChak. I watched that particular episode online and decided to try it because it looked really good! Moreover, Desa Aman Puri is only 10 minutes away. So, there’s no reason not to go!

fish head curry

The Claypot Fish Head Curry comes in 4 sizes: small – RM9, medium – RM13, big -RM19 and super big RM25. We had a medium serving and it was just enough to serve two. The Fish Head Curry is great, fish is fresh, curry gravy thick enough and the spiciness was just nice. It has fulfilled my requirement of a good fish head curry. A lot of curry leaves are used to give the curry a highly aromatic smell. Because of this, the fish head curry attracts people the most among all stalls. Other ingredients you could find in this heavenly pot of fish head curry are lady fingers (okra), long beans, taufu pok and brinjals.

If there’s something they could improve on, it would be the amount of fish given. I will compare this with Happy City’s Delicious Curry Fish Head. Both are also in Kepong, with same price range and tastes equally nice. But for the same price, the former provides much more fish meat. So much more that it’s more than enough for three people!

claypot fish head curry

A family runs the business and the grandmother is the cook. I could recognize her because I just watched her cook in HoChak lol. However, when I was there she didn’t cook. She was helped by a few young men and women who I think should be her children. I also saw her very young grandson stopping by for dinner. Besides fish head curry they also serve curry noodles and claypot seafood curry noodles. They looked equally awesome and I will definitely return to try it one day!

aman puri great wall food court

You can find the fish head curry in Aman Puri Great Wall food court. To reach here, exit the Damansara-Kepong toll towards Kepong. Keep left and you will come to an intersection. Head straight up a hill and take a left turn at the end of the road. You will see a road sign showing that you’re heading to Rawang.

After taking the left turn, head straight until you come to a traffic light. Here, you will see Shell and McDonald’s on your left. Go straight somemore and you will see a lot of shops on your right. Take the second turning to the right and you will come to this big food court. It’s so big you can’t miss it lol.

Another good restaurant here would be Tak Fok Seafood restaurant which serves quite good crabs. Will talk about that next time.

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