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Fish Village Steamboat Restaurant @ Pusat Bandar Puchong


A close friend brought me to his favorite restaurant for crabs in Puchong called Fish Village. It is actually a steamboat restaurant but they also serve various seafood dishes that are largely crab related. From what I see their steamboat sets are not too bad because pure seafood is given and the various add-ons like fish dumplings and live crabs are reasonably priced too.


La La Mee Hoon @ RM21 – Personally, I really like this. The noodles is nicely done to a springy texture and fully absorbed the sweet flavors of the clams. They do not stinge on the la la’s portion too, as you can see they are literally scattered all over the noodles. So, you are sure to taste them in each mouthful.


Steamed Prawns @ RM30. For this kind of pricing I was expecting the prawns to be at least XL sized. Too bad they were only medium-sized, but fresh with crunchy flesh nonetheless.




Then we had a variety of crabs: sweet and sour style, steamed and baked @ RM114 in total. Among the three styles I would say the baked one is the best, followed by steamed and sweet and sour last. The baked crabs would be the only one I would really recommend trying here since they have the purest and sweetest taste.
My main gripe about the crabs would be their sizes, in which the largest one was only medium-sized despite choosing the largest we could find. FYI, you can pick your own live crabs that are kept in the tanks. Anyway I can’t really blame the restaurant for this, because it rained continuously for days before we went and that affected the supplies. It is a pity because if the crabs were larger and fleshier then they would be much tastier as well. Basically, Fish Village got the cooking right just that the main ingredient was not the best possible.


Catfish is quite rare in Chinese restaurants so we thought it would be interesting to give it a try. The fish is quite bony, does not have a lot meat so it is quite a hassle to eat it. But the effort is worth it because the flesh is soft and nice. Little to none muddy taste was detected due to the strong dried chili flavor. RM24 for a serving like this.


If you planning to eat here, it is better to check the crabs’ stock with the boss before coming and make sure they are large. Else, I feel you should just wait, since the price is the same (by weight) regardless of the crabs’ size.

Fish Village Steamboat Restaurant,
28 & 30 Jalan Bandar 13,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47100 Selangor
Tel: 03 5882 2838

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