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FLAM’s The Thin Crust Pizza @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL


Tarte flambee is like a pizza, and if you looked up its origins you would know that it is actually a unique dish from Alsace – the fifth smallest region in France. Strictly speaking, you can’t call Tarte flambee a pizza but for marketing purpose I guess calling it a ‘thin-crust-pizza’ will sell better. You could get this rather unique food at FLAM’s located in Changkat Bukit Bintang and luckily, pizzas are not the only good stuff on the menu.


Since we are new to this variant of pizza, we asked for a recommendation and got the Mushroom Flam’s Deluxe @ RM38.80. The number of toppings (the types, not amount) are kept to a minimum, consisting of only mushrooms, a few types of cheese and herbs so that the flavors are simple, yet still enjoyable.



After placing your order you could see how your pizza is made right from the scratch. There is an open kitchen at the end of the restaurant where a huge, bright-red brick oven is at. The pizza is only baked in the wood-fired oven for a couple of minutes because of the thin dough.


Done, some chopped parsleys are sprinkled on top. You should notice that no tomatoes are usually used in a traditional Tarte flambee because it is considered a scarce ingredient at where it came from.


Then it is cut into pieces using a pizza wheel as not to dislodge any loose toppings, as well as maintaining the perfect shape.


As you can see the pizza is really thin and the base has a delightful crunch to it while it is still hot. And instead of eating them like how you would eat a traditional pizza, you could try rolling them up and eat it like a crepe. It is quite fun!


If you prefer having meat instead of flour, you will be glad that the Rotisserie Chicken (Ayam Golek) here is surprisingly good for a pizza restaurant. In fact, I felt the roast chicken outshines the pizza and could even put Kenny Rogers and Nandos to shame. Despite the rather steep price tag (RM26.80 for half a chicken) we felt it was worth every penny. The homemade spicy dipping sauce hit the right note too and complemented the tender and juicy chicken perfectly.


OK not another mushroom soup again. Well, except that this is freaking good and ranks among the better ones. RM13.80.


Seafood Pasta @ RM26.80, worth ordering just for the amount of seafood (scallops, tiger prawn, squid, mussels and clams) given. So the fact that it tastes good as well makes it even better. Anyway, it might seem like I have a lot of good things to say about FLAM’s in this post but there are actually a few items we had that I did not really like. For example, the escargots are outright weird tasting and waterish, while the desserts are slightly lacklustre.



FLAM’S (The Thin Crust Pizza)
Address: No. 37, 39, 41 Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No.: 03-2145 8111
Fax No.: 03-2145 8999
Website: www.flams.com
Facebook : flams.kl
GPS Coordinate: N 3 08.860 E 101 42.484

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