Flying Chillies Halal Thai Restaurant @ The Gardens


There are only a few Thai restaurants in The Gardens. Flying Chillies is expensive but suitable for people who are dining in groups. Rak Thai (lower ground floor) on the other hand is cheaper in comparison and has more individual set meals. But avoid the latter because their food is a joke. It was so bad that none of us managed to finish the so-called signature dishes at Rak Thai. So if you’re craving for Thai food while shopping here, you could either head to the food court for the cheaper Thai food stalls or you could splurge at Flying Chillies.


We started off with the highly recommended appetizer here, Mieng Kam @ RM21.50, a traditional Thai appetizer that combines various ingredients as fillings for the betel leaves. If you are unsure of how to eat it, the staff would gladly show you the way.


Starting with a betel leaf, it is rolled into a pocket shape. Then ginger, shallots, roasted peanut, coconut, bird’s eye chili and dried shrimps are added into the leaf according to your personal liking. And lastly, spoon a generous dollop of the tangy sauce on top and you are sure to experience a burst of flavor later. If you are new to this, lower your expectations and you might enjoy it more.


This is said to be one of the specialties at Flying Chilies, Special Fire Pot of Tom Yam River Prawn @ RM25.50 (2 pax portion)


The river prawn was huge alright but didn’t taste as fresh as it could be.


Another signature dish here is also related to river prawns – Sizzling Butter River Prawn in Hot Plate @ RM45.


As tempting and delicious as they may look, the freshness was also lacking. The river prawn’s flesh was not firm at all with a slightly mushy texture. It is a pity because the butter sauce was rich and delicious.


Steamed Siakap with Lime & Chili @ RM45. Luckily the fish tasted fresh unlike the other two prawn dishes earlier.


The Green Curry Chicken @ RM15 comes in a very small portion. I couldn’t believe my ears when the waiter told me this is the intended portion for four pax. That aside, it actually tasted not bad at all. But I still think he was kidding me about the portion.


Drinks here cost a bomb too. Any Thai specialty drink or fruit juice would set you back at least RM9.


Actually the food at Flying Chillies isn’t bad. But the premium price they are charging is absolutely not justified based on the quality and quantity of the dishes. I’d had expect the seafood to be absolutely fresh for the price we were paying for, to the very least.

Flying Chillies
T219 Third Floor The Gardens,
MidValley City
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.145 E101 40.538
Tel 03-2287 7708
Business hours: 10am – 10pm

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  1. I think Bangkok Expresso or Good Evening Bangkok are pretty decent places for Thai food as well. Not sure if they are the same chains.

  2. Aiya, I didnt know cheap river prawns can sell at such high price, anyway, dun blame them, river prawns taste exactly like what you have mentioned, it is normal, that’s why the Malays only use it to cook Mee Udang’s soup and discard the prawns. It will never never be served in ” plain steam ” kind of dishes.

  3. Flying Chillies is actually under the same company with Just Thai and Good Evening Bangkok in One Utama.

    Just Thai at the lower ground floor charges cheaper while Good Evening Bangkok on the Ground Floor is at cut throat price.

    And foods at both restaurants tasted the same to me. -_-


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