Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant @ Jalan Leong Sim Nam, Ipoh


Since my last visit Foh San has relocated to a new and bigger builiding, which is just a stone throw’s away from their old place. The last time we had dim sum here few years ago, we had to wrestle for a table, eat under pressure since people were basically just waiting for you to finish and get off ASAP. You won’t even have time to slowly sip your cuppa tea, unless you could put on a thick skin. In all, it was not a very nice experience.

foh san

But I guess the humongous double storey restaurant that Foh San is currently occupying already solved the problem. On my way back to Penang to celebrate CNY, we had a brief stop over at Foh San for lunch. We got a table easily and service was OK, though not as prompt as it could get.

dim sum




Foh San excels in their steamed dim sum, the ingredients were lovely and fresh. But the rest like fried ones need a lot of improvements, the Char Siew Sou especially. Otherwise it was an enjoyable meal, so much more pleasant than our last one here. When the atmosphere and mood are right, food does taste better.


Restoran Foh San Sdn Bhd
51 Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh Perak.
GPS Coordinates: N4 35.815 E101 05.168
Business hours: 6.30am to 2pm (Closed every Tuesday)

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    • my experience with Ming Court last time was a bad one as well, too many people, too chaotic. the meal was not enjoyable as well. so I won’t be able to make a fair comparison actually…

  1. visited Ipoh in late 2009 and tried both Fok San as well as Ming Court across the same road (after reading many reviews of both). sad to say both did not give me this cantonese old man (and his family) a good impression taste wise. can only say i am not used to the taste of northern Malaysia dim sum . to me, both places are over rated. would definitely return to Ipoh as there are other fabulous food around.

  2. The har mee in old town Ipoh famous coffee shop is a rift off, not even 1/4 full for bowl, I finished it in 3 mouthful ! The Chinese satay is very dry and unhygienic , this is because the bundle of satay sticks are heap on your table , only those eaten are charged, any unbeaten sticks are taken back to recook for new customers. Yakky !

    Dim sum in Fu San or all others in Ipoh as a matter of fact are just about average or below average for most of them, prices are same as those in KL, Ipoh has no more go dim sum like those good old days ! Special note that the service system or rather no service in Fu San is terrible, more like take away service for a sit in restaurant for a fine dinning price !

  3. The owner of Foh San who passed away recently sees me grew up at the same street where the old premise was. My family loves having breakfast at Foh San every Sunday until i left ipoh for Uni. Breakfast time traditionally is from 8am onwards till about 11 habis. The true experience of having Dim Sum is actually to share tables with 1 or 2 other families of locals. You will see how these strangers exchange conversation as if they were friends. You may end up sharing each others food. Something i can never find in any other states.
    Since they moved to this new place, too many new menu and new cook, the food just isn’t the same any more here. I have stopped going to Foh San since then. Ming Court has always disappoint me in taste and service.
    The only place i go to for really good traditional dim sum is Yoke Fook Moon. Do try their Tiny Sa Thin Gai ( Chicken Dish) by Order Only and have to wait for at least 20 minutes.

  4. foh san taken over by Hee yit Foong the bitch that betray the people of perak that caused Pakatan to lose Perak to BN.


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