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The hawkers at Gurney Drive has been relocated to a vacant land along Jalan Tanjung Tokong at the moment. This move is to make way for the authorities to upgrade the existing Gurney Drive hawker centre. Among improvements being made are the lightings, flooring, landscaping and a much needed public toilet.

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I still can remember when I went to Gurney Drive end of last year only to find the hawkers disappeared lol, not knowing they have relocated. I even made a phone call to Wen Fong to check with him whether the hawker centre existed before, silly me.

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Actually there’s nothing special about Gurney Drive’s hawker center. It doesn’t really offer a large variety of food, but does provide a neat environment for dining. Gurney Drive is also a family and couples’ haven. Bring your loved ones here for a stroll after dining along the endless rows of restaurants, it makes good memory. Anyway look at the beautiful sky that evening, Siang Leng couldn’t resist taking a photo of it :)

fried oyster upclose

The fried oyster we had was really good, look at the photos we took. Plenty of huge oysters hidden under the egg! It is a hit with the customers, quite a number of people lining up to take orders.

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And these are some other food we had: Muar Chee, Satay and Tau Fu Fa. Avoid buying Satay from Chinese, go for the Malays instead for better ones. And also, remember to purchase the Tau Fu Fa cold lol. The one we had was warm, it’d be much nicer if chilled :)

muar chee uplosesataytau fu fa

Our one-day Penang trip ended here after dinner. As usual, we boarded a ferry home. It was a great day with plenty of nice food stomached, a good movie watched and an enjoyable trip back to BM.

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Looking forward to visit here again but minus the traffic :P


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  1. Gosh, my stomach is growling now after seeing all these hawker food pics..
    So so so miss them!
    Next trip back to M’sia, I should stop over in Penang, get through the list of good hawker stalls first!
    Keep up the good work :)

  2. Had a terrible experience at Gurney Drive hawker corner. The mata kuching drink seller was extremely rude; the moment we sat down he proclaimed that we MUST buy drinks from his stall and not from other stalls. Our party of 5 only called for one lychee (he had a small variety) as others wanted ice kacang. He replied rudely, saying no no we must order drinks for all. We walked away to another table. If I return I will never sit in that area anymore.


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