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Forêt Blanc Pâtisserie – Banana Leaf Waffle in KL

Banana Leaf Waffle Foret Blanc
Banana Leaf Waffle Foret Blanc

Creativity is taken to a new level at Forêt Blanc Pâtisserie, where the ordinary waffle is given a twist and served on banana leaf with chutneys.

Foret Blanc Banana Waffle V2.0

The Banana Leaf Waffle V2.0 @ RM24.90 contains a vade waffle, tomato chutney, mint chutney, yogurt ta-yir sauce, mango curry chantilly with mango cubes and chopped chili and their homemade coconut ice cream with rice cracker. That’s a long list of ingredients so it would take them at least 10 minutes to plate this dessert.

Banana Leaf Waffle V2
Foret Blanc Patisserie Banana Leaf Waffle

Since this is Banana Leaf Waffle V2.0, surely you realize that V1.0 existed. Besides the presentation, the other main difference lies in the ingredient used to make the waffle. Previously, chai spices are used but they have been substituted with vade (traditional Indian savoury snack) instead.
The texture of the waffle is dense yet delightfully chewy in the middle and goes well with any of the accompaniments. But our favorites had to be the tomato chutney and coconut ice cream. The portion is huge and it’s meant to be shared. So try this with at least a friend or two.

Foret Blanc Yuzu Garden Dessert
Foret Blanc Yuzu Garden

The stunning Yuzu Garden @ RM23.50 incorporates the unique flavor of yuzu in the form of ice cream and creme brulee. They sit on a base of green tea sable and green tea microwave sponge accompanied by yogurt honey sauce and rum coulis. This dessert is all about celebrating textures, tangy and citrus flavors in every bite.

If you want to bring a smile to somone’s face, the Happy Polar @ RM24.50 will be perfect. This adorable looking dessert resembles a polar bear just chilling with snow balls feeling like there’s not a single worry in the world.

Foret Blanc Happy Polar

Pretty much everything that makes up the dessert (yogurt lime ice cream, lime curd, pineapple lime macaron, lime mashmallow & jelly) is homemade and flavored with a touch of lime. It’s so cute we actually felt bad eating it.

Foret Blanc COCO Mango Passionfruit with Coconut Cake
Foret Blanc Brown Butter Cempedak Ice Cream

For those who intend to drop by just for a simple after meal dessert, the options include homemade cakes from the display chiller and single scoop ice creams. Shown above are the Coco cake (Mango Passionfruit with Coconut) @ RM12.90 and Brown Butter and Cempedak flavored ice creams @ RM9.50. The cempedak one was really good, aromatic with a nice fleshy texture of the fruit.

Foret Blanc Patisserie Cafe

Forêt Blanc Pâtisserie also takes orders for customized cakes for events and special occassions. Check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/foretblanc for more info.

Foret Blanc Patisserie

Forêt Blanc Pâtisserie

49G Jalan PJS1/50 Petaling Utama Avenue, 46510 KL
Tel: 03-7773 1379 / 012-6891 470
Business hours: Tue – Thurs (1pm – 9pm), Fri – Sun (1pm – 10pm), closed on Mondays

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