Free Munakata Japanese Dinner Buffet – Submit Comment And Win

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Contest has ended! Thank you all for your time and effort in taking part, the winners are:

1. BRIAN LIEW, winning entry:

M – Making me crazy!
U – U will never forget how good it taste!
N – Never make me down!
A – Allow me to take how much i want!
K – Keep me healthier!
A – Always fresh!
T – Tips free!
A – All japanese food lovers’ heaven!

~M.U.N.A.K.A.T.A~ the place i always want to be.

Die.Hard. Japanese Food Lover.

2. OngQH, winning entry:

Guess I’m the first few to comment. So, here goes.

I would like to win the Japanese dinner buffet because I absolutely love the dishes served at Munakata, especially the sashimi and sushi. The Salmon sashimi slices are cut so precisely and the fish is so fresh that since my first visit I’ve always wanted to go again. The best sashimi I’ve tried in KL!

The second best thing there would be the unagi which is grilled just nice. Other dishes such as the grilled beef, chawan mushi, tempura and fried oyster make me hungry just by thinking about it. After a hearty meal, I would like to end it with a green tea ice cream.

I’d have been to other buffets, Shogun, Jogoya, Yaki-yaki and few other. But Munakata certainly beats all of them, although only 40 dishes served, but the quality of its food is the best I’ve ever tasted.

So, please do pick me. I’m a student in KL and I’ll be graduating in June. Certainly would like to bring my girlfriend to Munakata once before I leave.


2. Chin Ga Mei, winning entry (lucky draw):

Dear Vkeong,

I would really love to win the Japanese Dinner Buffet at Munakata because

1. I’d never eaten pure Japanese buffet before. Like Jogoya offers other type or cuisine too. And in my opinion Jogoya SUCKS !!! They have a lot of choices but then the food are just not up to standard.

2. I would really really really like to try the fresh, thick sliced salmon with marbled fats that I saw in Vkeong’s blog! So tempting !!! * slurpssss* and also my ultimate favourite unagi !!! Since Munakata is managed by Japanese, and it’s been surviving in KL for such a long time, I bet the food must be really good to maintain regular customers as well as to attract new customers.

3. I can’t believe that my boyfriend who is just working at Shangri-La KL ( opposite Munakata only) had never tried Munakata before! I really wish to dine with him at Munakata if I get to win this. I want to show him that Munakata can be as awesome as Zipangu too! In fact, more value for money and with unlimited order!

4. I can’t really afford to eat at Munakata eventhough I really wish to because I’m still a student ( limited pocket money ) =( I’m ashamed to say this but I’d never been to Munakata before =(

And lastly…

5. I want to have my LAST great food feast at Munakata before I officially start my diet plan XD ( which I wanted to start ages ago but never succeed)

Really hope that you pick me! Arigato!


In conjunction with my blog finally achieving 1000 feed subscribers, I have managed to persuade Munakata to give away free Japanese dinner buffets to three lucky couples worth RM140+ each. Thank you for your immense support and this is the least I can do to show my appreciation. Two couples will be selected by Munakata Japanese Restaurant based on the most appealing comments, while I will be selecting one randomly (lucky draw). Please note Munakata is a PORK FREE restaurant.

The rules are simple:

      1. Submit a comment on why you want to win the Japanese Dinner buffet at Munakata in this post. Or a simple comment if you’re aiming for the lucky draw.

      2. Two winners will be picked by Munakata’s management team. And they are allowed to bring one companion to the dinner buffet.
      3. Contest will run until 1 May 2010. Winners shall be decided by 8 May 2010.
      4. Contest is open only for Selangor and Kuala Lumpur people only, as the restaurant is located at KL.
      5. Good luck and have fun!

p/s: Please make sure you enter your name and email address correctly in the comment. Else, I wouldn’t be able to contact you.

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