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Freshy Freeze Stir-Fried Ice Cream @ Nu Sentral Mall, KL


Stir-fried ice cream is not new in Malaysia as some hotels prepares it as part of their buffet spread, and you can even find it at various night markets. The ‘frying’ process is a great marketing gimmick to attract customers and also a way to inject fun into the overall experience.
Freshy Freeze, a stir-fried ice cream chain from Thailand has recently set up their first outlet in Malaysia at Nu Sentral Mall. The offerings on the menu are almost the same as the ones at Thailand, except that some ingredients have been replaced in order to be alcohol free.


The main selling point of Freshy Freeze is freshness since every order is made-to-order. The quality is also more premium than average considering most of the ingredients used such as the milk, cream and fruits are imported.
Their goal is simple: to produce fresh, healthier and good tasting ice creams using as much natural ingredients as possible. But that also means a slightly longer waiting time at a higher price too.


A standard (without additional toppings) portion is between RM15 to RM17.50 depending on the flavour while the large one costs RM4.50 more. Looking at the price and difference in serving size, I think the large order is a much better deal and ideal for sharing between two.
Based on the store’s recommendation, we had the Belgian Chocolate which is made simply with their signature milk base and pure Belgian chocolate without any additional sugar. The texture of the ice cream was wonderfully dense, slightly sticky and chewy – one that you can bite into and does not melt easily. It was delicious as well with a rich, authentic chocolate taste. And the sweetness? Right on the money and we did not find it ‘jelak’ at all.



A number of fruit flavoured ice creams are also available; albeit quite common such as peach, mango and strawberry. The base is first blended with real fruit to produce the base, then additional chunks of fruits are added into the mixture on the iced grill for extra texture. All of these happens right before your eyes, so you know you’re getting a taste of the real thing.


While the ice creams themselves are pretty good, I’d recommend getting the desserts @ RM25 if your budget and appetite allow it. The Strawberry Cheesecake is definitely worth a try considering the generous ice cream portion and the amount of toppings that goes into it. American strawberries are used and the only sweetening ingredient is the syrup in the strawberry jam.


For a more refreshing option, the Banoffi made with banana and caramel would be a good choice. Whipped cream provides a luscious and creamy taste while the bed of crumbled cookies gives each bite a crisp crunch. It’s not as heavy as the other ice creams we had, so I think it’d appeal to those who prefer something lighter in taste.


All things considered, Freshy Freeze offers great tasting ice creams and desserts that are fun to watch being made. The only downsides I’d say are the waiting time (about 5 minutes for each order, they don’t scoop them out of a line of pre-made ice creams) and the above average prices. Then again, good things don’t come fast and cheap.

Freshy Freeze (next to GSC Cinemas)
L5 12, Nu Sentral Mall
Business hours: 11am – 10pm

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