Fried Prawn Noodle @ Jalan Hashim, Muar


Fried Prawn Noodle (more commonly known as Hokkien Mee by the Singaporeans) is one of the foods in Singapore I miss consistently. Actually it’s not that you cannot find Fried Prawn Noodle in KL, just head to the food courts in larger malls like Pavilion and there will be probably a stall selling it. But those are only good as a temporary fix and hardly satisfying if compared to the actual stuff in Singapore.


The last time I had a satisfying Fried Prawn Noodle was in Muar at an unassuming road side stall along Jalan Hashim, which the Chinese locals refer as 新路 (pronounced ‘Xin Lu’, means ‘new road’). And of course we did not magically stumble upon the stall ourselves, we sought the recommendation from our Muarian source who is also an ex-colleague of mine. Two stalls were suggested to us actually and as much as we wanted to try both, the more popular and said to the better one as well at Jalan Khalidi was not open.


Just to clarify, the cook does not specialize in Fried Prawn Noodle only, as a number of other fried noodles and rice are also available. According to my source, the cook used to work in his school’s canteen when he was younger. So if you are from Muar and reading this, maybe you could recognize him?
Anyway, while he was busy frying the noodles I observed his cooking method is exactly the same, if not similar to those I have seen in Singapore. Taste wise it was really good for only RM3.50, or else I wouldn’t have rated it as a satisfying experience. But to nitpick? The sambal could be something they could improve on because it lacks the ‘oomph’ factor.


Ah Niu Fried Noodles
Jalan Hashim, Muar
GPS Coordinates: N2 03.061 E102 34.234

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  1. I’m just wondering this version of Hokkien Mee is derived from the prawn stock that is used? If its not, probably can give it a try the next time I’m working in Segamat.


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