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Full House Lifestyle Store @ Niu Ze Xui (NZX), Ara Damansara


Most of you should know Full House @ NZX (Niu Ze Xui) by now so I won’t go into details about the restaurant. Those who have visited it know how its uniqueness and how the restaurant is decorated to make customers feel like they are dining at someone’s home – a very beautiful home.
I find it a bit too girlish though, so it would be awkward if you are eating there with a bunch of guys lol. It’s more of a couple restaurant if you ask me.. nice for a evening outing or to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Rumors have it that the restaurant is inspired by the popular Korean Drama titled Full House as well, and the owner is a Korean too. Well that’s something to ponder on.
By the way if you feel weird about the restaurant’s location, called Niu Ze Xui (which translates to Cow Car Water) you are not the only one. But do you know Singapore’s MRT stop for Chinatown is called Niu Ze Xui too? Hmm.


I have seen many menus before and I have to say Full House’s menu is the cutest of all. No fancy photos or lengthy descriptions of the food required. So Tracy’s favorite meal consists of Carbonara Spaghetti, cream of chicken soup, lime juice and ice cream. If your name’s really Tracy would you order accordingly?


And Thomas is more of a local flavored guy so he prefers Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken, Mushroom Cappuccino Soup, Ice Lemon Tea and ice cream. Apparently he loves Rendang Chicken so much he got himself a live one to cook later..


Since we are neither named Tracy nor Thomas we ordered different stuff. Just kidding. Those sets you saw just now are only available during lunch hour as set lunch. We were there for dinner so we ordered ala carte.
I actually tried this Wok Sear Chicken Chop during my first visit and found it to be quite nice so I recommended SL to take it. We felt the gravy was delicious, and the addition of sweet tasting raisins perked up the dish nicely. Quite recommended, RM14.90.


My Foot Long Sausage @ RM12.90. So-so tasting and nothing to shout about. I would top up two bucks and trade it for the chicken chop anytime.


When I took the set lunch in my first visit, the vanilla ice cream that was included in the set was great.. smooth and creamy. But I think for ala carte order they are giving out a another type of vanilla ice cream. It was evidently different from the one I had the first time, OK but not so enjoyable.


Tiramisu @ RM7.90 – not bad, worth a try.


Besides being a restaurant, Full House also functions as a store selling clothes, accessories, clocks etc. That’s why the shop’s full name is actually Full House Lifestyle Store.


There’s even a room complete with a bed but I am not going to show it because customers were sleeping on it, wtf?


Shop and eat. Eat and shop.


Everything you see here can be bought.


But not this car. Do you notice there are people dressed up like maids? They are the waitresses – mostly foreign workers though.


To tell you the truth NZX feels like a dead place. I don’t really like the place because it’s dim and stuffy. It is supposed to be some sort of flea market but there are simply not enough shops open. And the way leading to NZX from LDP is damn weird and confusing for first timers because you actually have to go through a residential area.
The only thing I like is the vast, free car parks. NZX management must really thank Full House for being there to make the place a little more happening and alive. I can’t imagine NZX without Full House, even deader than dead?

Full House Lifestyle Store
Block C-G-11 & C-1-11
Jalan PJU 14/41B, Ara Damansara
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS Coordinates: N03 06.871 E101 35.584

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