Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah & Soya Bean Milk @ Jalan Theatre, Ipoh

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Judging by the number of customers at Funny Mountain, it could very well be the most popular Tau Fu Fah shop in the entire country. I had been to Ipoh a couple of times before but it was only during my last trip that I finally decided to try their legendary Tau Fu Fah.

Funny mountain-Tau-Fu-Fah-Ipoh

For RM1 you could get yourself a small bowl of half-full Tau Fu Fah or a cup of soya bean milk. I suggest getting both of them because they are so affordable that there’s simply no reason not to. And since Funny Mountain’s fame has preceded them, I had mountainous expectations and expected to be blown away. And boy, was my expectation exceeded! After the first sip I instantly regretted not coming here sooner.


To be honest I was quite sceptical at first. “Just how good could tau fu fah be?”, I thought. Well, for starters, the texture of Funny Mountain’s tau fu fah is extremely soft – so soft that it literally melts in your mouth effortlessly. It almost felt like drinking instead of eating.
According to some articles I read, access to good water source is the main factor attributing to some of Ipoh’s finest products in the region. Take bean sprouts for instance, they are especially fatter and crunchier here.
The same could be said for Penang’s Nasi Kandar, in which its discerning quality could only be replicated using Penang’s water because the cooks claim it has a sweeter taste. Hence, the Nasi Kandar shops in Klang Valley actually ship truck loads of water all the way from Penang to prepare their curry dishes.

Funny mountain-Ipoh

Anyway, it is safe to say that Funny Mountain’s soya bean products are a notch better than the famous Bukit China Soya Bean stall at Melaka. But still, I have to commend the latter for being more innovative at creating new and interesting flavors.
However, one thing that ticked me off was seeing the drive-through customers who preferred to eat in their cars. It might make a peculiar scene for some but to me you’re just a bunch of inconsiderate pricks enjoying yourselves at the expense of other road users.

Funny mountain Tau-Fu-Fah

Funny mountain Business-Hours

Funny mountain Soya-Bean

Funny Mountain Soya Bean

49, Jalan Theatre,
30300, Ipoh, Perak
GPS Coordinates: N4 35.694 E101 05.066

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