Gantetsu Hokkaido Ramen @ Isetan Eat Paradise, One Utama

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If I have learned anything from eating Ramen, it’s that there is no general ‘best Ramen’ out there. Just for the soup alone you already have choices of Shio, Tonkotsu, Shoyu and Miso. Then there’s the spicy and curry variants and many other emerging flavours with tens of combination between seasoning and toppings. So, you just have to keep tasting until you find one that suits your tastes the most – and that shall be your ‘best’.


That being said, personally I find Gantetsu‘s Ramen to be very good and based on the satisfying meal we had, there was nothing for us to complain about. Compared to its noisy competitor next door where customers could be seen making a beeline for a seat, Gantetsu had to actively promote themselves to any passersby. In other words, there’s no queue here!
The King Charshu Tonkutsu @ RM27.90 that comes with delicious cuts of pork charshu and marinated egg, has a well balanced and creamy soup that is pleasantly sweet and not too salty. The noodles might not be as thin and springy as Marutama‘s but it is still tasty by any standards.


Hokkaido Spicy Tonkotsu @ RM25.90 – actually this does not come with the marinated egg. We had to top up RM2.80 for it, worth every penny spent if you ask me.


Chef Masaki’s Ramen was the winner for the best Ramen in Sapporo (the largest city in Hokkaido) for three consecutive years. That speaks volume I think. Incidentally, the shop’s name Gantetsu means stubbornness in Japanese and could be reflected on Chef Masaki’s cooking style where he only uses specific ingredients to prepare his Ramen.


The restaurant even has a foreveralone seat, located at a wall-facing corner somemore so you could avoid eye contact with strangers while eating. I thought it was mildly amusing. You don’t? Okaaaay.


Hokkaido Gantetsu Ramen
2nd Floor, Eat Paradise
Isetan Bandar Utama City Centre

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