Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ (Taishu Yakiniku) @ Taman Desa

Taisyu Yakiniku Japanese BBQ
Taisyu Yakiniku Japanese BBQ

Can’t believe it took us so long to eat at the legendary Taishu Yakiniku (大众烧肉) in Taman Desa, but here we are after so many years hearing about good things about them. And once you are here, it’s not hard to understand why this Japanese BBQ joint is so popular.

Taishu  Yakiniku BBQ Menu

The menu is delightfully affordable with more than a dozen of choices of meat, mostly pork options. Price starts at RM5 for the cheaper cuts of meat like offals, RM10 for the normal stuff and RM20 – RM25 for the special stuff.

Taman Desa Taishu  Yakiniku

As you can see, the portion size is satisfying for the prices.

Taishu  Yakiniku Pork Neck

Pork Neck @ RM10.

Taishu  Yakiniku Pork Shoulder Loin

Pork Shoulder Loin @ RM10.

Taishu  Yakiniku Beef Tongue

Beef Tongue @ RM10.

Taishu  Yakiniku Beef Rib Eye

Beef Ribeye @ RM10.

Taishu  Yakiniku Japanese BBQ Taman Desa

Based on what we had, the beef tasted better than the pork – which is usually the case when it comes to BBQ like these.

Taishu  Yakiniku Teppanyaki Prawns

We also tried the Prawn Foil Yaki @ RM10. Safe to say it’s not worth the money compared to those above, as you only get a few pieces of tiny prawns. Taste wise it’s pretty good though so only proceed if you don’t mind paying for it.

Taman Desa BBQ Ramen

Besides yakiniku, ramen is also available here in three flavors: pork, chicken and cold. The pork ramen won’t necessarily blow you away, but for RM10 it’s good enough for me.

Taishu  Yakiniku Japanese BBQ

Overall the meal was an enjoyable one without any hiccups. Although we felt like we ate a lot, the final bill came to only RM62, not bad at all considering the amount of dishes we ordered.

大众烧肉 Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ

Plaza Faber, Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur,
Business hours: 6pm till midnight

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