Gerai Pak Lang Ikan Bakar @ Kampung Baru

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** This restaurant has shifted to 36, Jalan Raja Abdullah, Chow Kit, 50300 KL **

Gerai Pak Lang Ikan Bakar has got to be the busiest place to eat in Kampung Baru. Even though it was pretty late for lunch, customers just kept pouring in and the line never seemed to shrink all the time we were there. I think the only other eatery in KL that could rival this place in terms of crowd is Sambal Hijau.


There are about 10 types of fish to choose from and from what I saw, all of them are cooked separately. If you’re looking for pari but none is available, then you need to wait for the next batch. Before going on the grill, the fishes are simply given a quick bath of marinade, which is quite different considering most vendors use pre-marinated fish.




Anyway, the most expensive fish is terubuk @ RM15 while the cheapest ones are kembung and keli, both priced at RM7. The rest are between RM8-RM10 for the likes of bawal, talapia and cencaru. The prices are alright if you ask me.



Besides grilled fish, nasi campur is also available here with easily 50 dishes to choose from. I know that sounds a little far fetched but wait till you see the number of trays laid out in the spread.
You’re pretty much spoilt for choices with all kinds of dishes imaginable prepared with chicken, beef, lamb, seafood and vegetables. They won’t win any awards for cleanliness but from what I observed, there weren’t any flies seen around the food – that’s always a good sign.

Malay Rice with Grilled Fish

Based on a few dishes we had, I wouldn’t say the nasi campur is delicious but it’s not bad. We had a bowl of sup tulang which was great and we enjoyed the aromatic blend of spices and herbs in it.
The grilled stingray on the other hand, was expectedly good, nicely cooked with only a little charred bits and most importantly, fresh. As for the dipping sauces, both the chilli and tamarind sauce worked wonderfully to kick up the flavours.


At first we thought the bawal didn’t look so good but since it was the only other fish ready at that time, we took it anyway. As it turned out, the bawal was more enjoyable than the stingray simply because the flesh had a firmer texture and stronger flavour of its own. With fish as fresh as this, there’s hardly any room for them to screw it up.


Although the food court is enormous with plenty of tables, looking for a place to sit might still be a challenge due to the huge number of customers. If unlucky, you might have to sit at the edge of the restaurant where it’s quite dirty.



When I asked about their operating hours, I was told by one of the staff that they are open for 24 hours a day. However, I am a bit sceptical about that so to be safe, I think it’s better to come come during the ‘normal’ meal hours.

Gerai Pak Lang Ikan Bakar & Masakan Ala Kampung
Jalan Raja Muda Musa,
Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur

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